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MessagePublié: Lun 1 Déc 2014 02:21
par admin
Most people who practice medicine among First Nations and by some of their followers refer to those stone wheels placed on the ground in the prairie provinces as Medicine wheels.

Well so few Aboriginal people like me who do not want to lock themselves in ethnocentric dogma, prefer to refer to those kind of wheels with a more scientific approach to spirituality as define by spiritual science. We are the ones who wish to make contact with parallel worlds by setting a celestial stone wheel to help alter the energy that surround us to open the door in space/time universal momentum. We prefer to call them celestial wheel or star wheel to make contact with people who live on and in one of the other dimensions of the universe.

The one who are calling them that way are taking the risk to be called marginals or new agers by the same people who claim to do First Nations medicine and ceremonies.

Well this Métis took that risk and I can live with my decision to call them celestial wheel or celestial star wheel. It give me the opportunity to explore freely the universe with an open mind, knowing the sky is no longer my limit. The universe is, and it belong to all beings of all dimensions who want to learn and use the spiritual scientific knowledge to make inter-dimensional contact among each others.