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Before Canada and the United states were established, "La Grande Paix" a treaty of Great Peace took place in Montreal on August 4, 1701 to join together all the Wabanaki Nations, the Iroquois and the French into one Wabanaki Confederacy. This peace was maintained for 55 years until the British broke this peaceful Alliance with the support of the 5 Iroquois Nations. Contrary to popular belief, this treaty would never had been completed, without the participation of Kondiaronk, a great Sachem, prophet, spiritual man, diplomat and a political genius from the Petun Nation located in Michillimakinac.

Kondiaronk, a visionary, knew that this Great Peace would favour the survival of his people faced by the harsh realities of wars and diseases brought by the Europeans. As a prophet, Kondiaronk knew that this Great Peace would become in later centuries one of the symbols of the Seven Fires prophecy which foretold the coming together of people from many different Nations from other continents to live permanently on the land that saw him getting born and saw him die and now called Canada.

The Great Peace was to become the pattern, the way we would have to live and share together on this continent. In the same spirit of this treaty, the Great Peace of 1701 was for the Wabanaki people an alliance, a spiritual Confederacy of universal relatives, brothers and sisters. In the Native tradition, the goal of matrimonial exchanges was to join in spirit and in blood with all your allied communities.

As it always been in the past, the spiritual and physical hybridization process created by these marriages became the most irreversible link for any Peace and survival in North America.

In other words, Kondiaronk the prophet with his knowledge of the Wampum belts, already knew about this process of lasting peace, from way before.

The Metis are the creation of the Kitche Manitou, the spiritual writing, living parchemins of this Great Peace, carefully prepared by Kondiaronk to pave the road to fulfil the prophecy of the Seven Fires as told by Seven Prophets.

The Métis are the children of that prophecy as told and seen by the Fourth Prophet. The Métis are living physical and spiritual treaties sealed in DNA..

The Prophecy of the Seven Fires speaks also of a mighty Confederacy of people, the creation of a mighty Nation where all the people will live in true Peace and harmony. The Confederacy is a concept that was provided to the Wabanaki people by the Kitche Manitou, the Life Force, as a political tool to keep peace and unity between people and the Nations, and to give an equal voice to all people, in order to avoid conflict and wars.

The Wabanaki people would not gather and assembly in council of their clans, their tribes, their Nations, their Confederacies or with their allies unless a calumet of tobacco is lit to make sure that the heart and the spirits of all people present were true and did not change.

In commemoration of such event, many Wampum belts were presented to all the participants. One particular Wampum belt, was an old one made before the coming of the Europeans. It had a cooper heart in the centre and was brought by a Delaware Chief. That belt was seen and acknowledged by great Chiefs and leaders such as Kondiaronk, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Cadillac, George Washington and William Penn. It was last seen in 1841 by every Wabanaki Nation in the north and the east of north America.

During the process of this treaty of peace, the French gave Kondiaronk a chest to stored the Wampum belts that were exchanged on this occasion in 1701. The chest of Wampum as seen on this picture was always there when the Grand Council of the Wabanaki Confederacy gathered. The Elders would always bring the young people, so that they would become acquainted with the ceremonies and the Wampum belts, and to transmit the knowledge for posterity.

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