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Mr.George Mcdonald
Museum of Civilisation
Hull, Québec

Dear friend,

On behald of the spiritual Elders of the Spiritual Confederacy of the Aboriginal People of North America, we would like to reiterate how touched we where by your prompt positive response to our request to repatriate to the Museum of Civilisation all the Wampum belts located in different Museums or in private collections in Canada and to facilitate the presence of those most important sacred objects at the Elders Gathering that will take place on Manitoulin Island, the heart of the Algonkian Nations in June, 1993.

As you must be awared, this year is the international year of the Aboriginal People. Many political activitIes and many spiritual ceremonies are scheduled to take place all over the country.

The Gathering of the Elders that will take place on Manitoulin Island is a spiritual gathering to bring together one Elder from each of the languages spoken in North America. The presence of the Wampum belts at this gathering is for the Aboriginal People, the result of a prophecy. My friend, by who you are and the responsability you have as being the principal custodian of the Wampum belts, your are part of this prophecy. Our culture as taught us that there is no coincidence but synchronocity in every thing that happened. At one time it was the wishes of the Creator that the belt be temporaly your responsability, as many of our people no longer knew the meaning of the Wampum belts.

First we would be please to help you organized a viewing (exhibit) of all the known Wampum belts in your Museum during the summer in a setting that will demonstrate that the Wampum belts are living objects. We are also prepare to help you to commemorate the beginning of a new partnership between the Museums of Canada and the Aboriginal people, by providing us access to sacred objects when we need them to perform special ceremonies.

In the past too often Wampum belts where subject of interpretation or assumption from antropologist that have no spiritual connection with the Wampum belts. Too often the Wampum belts are linked to political antities that belong only to the Six Nations Confederacy. Unfortunatly this is not the case.

For your information only few Elders are capable to understand the true meaning of the Wampum belts, and most of the belts are related to the spirituality and the cosmology of the Algonkian Nations, once and still under the direction of our Grand Father of the Eastern Confederacy, the Odawa.

All of the Wampum Belts do not belong to anyone or any Nations in particular and are not subject to political interpretation. Each one of the Wampum belts are a living spiritual antity that speak a specific unique spiritual language. The Wampum beeds where never related to object of money for trade. They became material object of trade, only when the Dutch realized the importance we placed on the Wampum belts.

For many years and still today the Six Nations people are puzzle by those Wampum belts and still thinks who ever hold those Wampum belts will hold special powers. This is why in th eighteen century they raided Algonkian villages to acquire those belts, and beleiving if they changed its composition, its structure and its design we will no longer have power to defeat them in war.

This story is true among the Algonquin Nations. There is a distinction to be made between one dimension belts that are read like words in a book and three dimension belts that bring you into the spiritual world. This is why so few of us can identified and make a distinction between newly design political belts of the six Nations confederacy and the spiritual belts of the Algonkian Nations.

Unfortunatly some spiritual Wampum belts claimed by other linguistic group are not in use for the right purpose and for what they are supposed to be doing when place in their proper setting.

Those Wampum Belts where and are still used today in a very special ceremony. Only people of the Algonkian Nations have been gifted by the Creator to performed this ceremony with the Wampum Belts. We invite you to participate in that special ceremony that only take place during the summer months.

The Elders of the " Confederacy", the Confederacy of the Aboriginal People in North America have instructed us that they will be honor if you will personnaly attend this special Gathering taht will take place on Manitoulin Island.

in Peace and Frindship,

CLaude Aubin
William Commanda
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