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Einstein said one day that there is no such a thing about space and time. There is only space -time. Space/ time is a continuum.

If you draw a cube, identified bu its width, height, and depth, your mind can start to see a three-dinensional figure call a hollogram. If you could view yourself seeing that three dimenensional figure you could establish a fifth dimension. This is call astral projection.

Without scaring every one, this is also how a person spirit is able to leave the body to travell in the spirit world. these voyages can happened when a person died or when a personn learn to travel in the inconciousness. The question is how do we do make contact with the collective inconciousness?

It is felt that each cell function of the brain is a hollogram and we have 100 billions of them in our brain. A hollogram is a projection of an image in mid air without the aid of screen. This projected image has a three dimensionnal effect, and a person can walk complytly around it. The humain brain is the only organ that can see itself seeing.

We use that in our ceremonies when we enter the cocoon or the (swet lodge) or the kiva or the star lodge of the Shaking tent or the Confederacy lodge . Every on will tell you that when you enter in a cocoon that you no longer are a two leged person; you are now one with the spirit world. We are all related. This means that we are capable to look out where we the viewer would normally be.

Everything in the universe is related. Are the wampum belt are the records provided to us by some beings to understand all of these thing? This frame of mind made me beleive and allowed me to be able to look out where the viewer would normally be.That is what the wampum belts are giving me as awswers.

Listen to this.

If you read UFO, Contact from the Pleiades by Lee J.Elders and Thomas K.Welch, we learn that the UFO cosmonauts told Billy Meier taht they live on the planet Erra, and that this planet is within the constellation of the pleiades. They say it only take them seven hours in earth time to get on planet earth. The pleiades is 500 hundred light years away. If they travelled at the speed of light it would take them 500 years. Yet they get here in seven hours . From the data provided on the wampum belts they could be travelling from astral projection . Who would imagine that our wampum belt are the answer key to this enigma, the records of where man went and how they went there and came back . Well it is not the time to discuss the origin of man at this point.

Working at the department of indian affair and realize that things are not done based on creative thinking. By creative thinking man acquired knowledge and wisdom and a sense of unlimited strenght wich unbinds him from the limitations of convention and dogma. Creative thinking is right brain thinking, modern man is left brain dominant.

The plaidian cosmamonauts told Billy Meier that they are not the only intelligent life in the universe. They where 108 other civilazation like theirs within the universe, and they are 3000 years in advance of ours.
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