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Elder William Commanda April 22, 1994

Dear William,

I would like to report to you, since our meeting with Georges McDonald, Director of the Canadian Museum of Civilisation requesting the repatriation of all the Wampum Belts to a central Museum, my latest concerns regarding the work involved in locating Wampum Belts in museums and private collections around the world.

The process is very slow, as it required a diplomatic approach for the building of a complex network of trust amongst museum curators in Canada, the United States and else where in the World to receive the requested information. I must inform you that a similar request has already been forwarded by the Confederacy of the Iroquois, and that some Wampum Belts already, or are in the process to be returned to their Council.

The reality is that the interpretation by museum curators, is most of the Wampum Belts belong to the Iroquois. This is why this process require diplomacy and some basic teachings to museum curators and open discussions with the Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, to slowly sort out the provenance or the Wampum belts and their use.

On another matter, I must say that I was quite surprised to be informed by strangers and New Age people operating from Ottawa that you have stroked and requested from a special committee to undertake process of repatriation of Wampum Belts directly to you or the Algonquin Nation.

Two representatives from that committee in Ottawa, have contacted me by phone to get more information on the Belts and on the process of repatriation, and how I could help them to comply to your request for returning the two Wampum Belts kept in the museum of the Bank of Canada. I was told that these Belts were to be brought at a special meeting on Hopi territory. I also warn them that these Belts are identified as being from the Mohawk Nation by the Museum of the Bank of Canada, which could increase the difficulties.

As you must remember at our meeting at the Bank of Canada with the curator, we were promised that the Belts could one day be brought by representative of the Bank to a Special ceremony at proximity of Ottawa, if it was required. The reasons we expressed to the curator at the time, was to purify the Belts. Taking in consideration the political pressure the Bank is faced now with the Belts, I wonder if it will still be possible. One thing is sure, they see the Belts as money and it is most unfortunate that we might no longer have the opportunity to make them experience with us, an unusual Special Ceremony with the Star Peoples.

This could had been the opening door that could had made them realised how important these Wampum Belts are in the process of healing all the peoples. We must teach them first with honesty the responsibility they hold by safekeeping these Wampum Belts at the Bank of Canada or in any museums, if we hope seriously to be given back these Wampum Belts, or at least have access to them when needed. We must also understand that these Belts were purchased at one time from Aboriginal people. The Star Peoples are aware of all these or any other transactions for the Wampum Belts.

This is the true challenge of repatriation of these sacred objects. To only say to the Bank of Canada or any other Museum that the Wampum Belts are not money or treaty Belts is not enough and not very convincing. It is the time for Aboriginal Peoples to be honest about the Wampum Belts and their use, if we intend to teach the true respect and meaning of the Wampum Belts to all.

When it come to protect the spiritual integrity of the Wampum Belts, and to avoid any interpretation of any words in my statements, my responses are usually quite direct. It was later reported to me that my statement was not well received by these representatives of that committee and that my attitude was highly negative and therefor criticized at a meeting of this committee in Ottawa. The conclusion from certain members of that committee was that I know nothing about the Wampum Belts and some people are now hinting that I only wanted to acquire the Wampum Belts for myself.

I am annoyed by what was reported to me from this meeting on the Wampum belts, and more so by people trying to discredit me for being to scientific and not enough spiritually religious or political about the Wampum Belts. My response to this is that I am not and will never be part of these childish so called "Indian" cultural, spiritual and political games played by some people that know nothing about the Wampum Belts and their use.

I just pray that the Star Peoples will forgive them for what they are doing and their ignorance of the Star Peoples tremendous forces. If the material Wampum Belts are not back in the hand of the Aboriginal peoples yet, their is a strong reason. To acquire the material Belts through political pressure is not the way to acquire them. The Mohawk did acquired some and they are now lock in a vault or use in museum exhibit, because no one seems to know how to use them.

I warned those two people that when you play with atomic bombs and you don't know how it works, some people might get hurt badly in the process. I warned them that any actions that are not under the direct command and the control of the Star Peoples, could result in lost of responsibilities, removal of the objects and in some drastic case, death. I personally do not want to die yet.

My obligations are to constantly warn anyone of the consequences of rushing any activities to please any individual or groups for what ever reasons or what ever events. These Wampum Belts already suffered to much abuse and interpretation. All the events surrounding their return or their proper use, are only under the control and the command of the Star Peoples. I rather, as I always did in the past, wait and listen to the Star Peoples for directives at special ceremonies.

There is no point from my part to remind you that any one who wishes to tempered with the timing of the Star Peoples plan, would in any way not succeed, as all of these Wampum Belts or any other sacred objects, as you already know now, will and are in time reaching again, through time space travelling from another plane, the ones that have been identified and selected by the Star Peoples. Any attempts by humans, to tempered with the timing of these events or with these sacred objects or their destination or the instructions received in time by the Star Peoples, demonstrate that they do not fully understand the consequences of these most scientific and spiritual subject matters and could result in shortening of their own life.

I didn't see no one asking the Star Peoples to bring back theknowledge of the Wampum Belts through a special ceremony. I hope you know they can and could if peoples would stop playing political games with the Belts and focus on what the Wampum Belts are really for. May be they are not, because they know the time is not right and the people are not quite ready.

To support this, there is no point to remind you the experience you had at a Special ceremony in Rhode Island last summer, as it took the Star Peoples many years to prepare you for this special event and to make you understand who is in control of the Wampum Belts you have now the responsibilities. This event was plan carefully by the Star Peoples, for you to be at a certain place with certain Peoples, so you could meet the Star Peoples. I should not be the one to remind you verbally or in writing the teachings and the directives you and me together received at that time by the Star Peoples more so as we disappeared for hours with the shaking tent from the surface of the earth in front of a big crowd of witnesses and our meeting with beings of light the night before also in front of witnesses.

I was instructed to tell you, to make a serious retrospective of what happened to you in the last five years, and to try to understand what is really going on and why you have met some peoples and the Star Peoples to teach you about the Wampum Belts. But as a friend, I must remind you why certain things work and why certain things don't work. For many of us we do not need to be at proximity of the Wampum Belts to do what we are required to do by the Star Peoples or to make physical contact with them at special ceremony.

What is happening now is peoples are focusing on the repatriation of the material side of the Wampum Belts, before repatriating from the Star Peoples the scientific and spiritual content of the Belts given only by the Star Peoples. For now, we must locate them and when the peoples will know how to use the Wampum Belts properly, they will be returned all at once by the Star Peoples.

These Wampum Belts or any other sacred objects with the proper ceremony, song and know how taught in time by the Star Peoples, can be brought back at any time from where ever they are around the world only when the Star Peoples sees the need for it.

But unfortunately if you are surrounded by peoples who thinks, that by being constantly around the Wampum Belts, by acquiring or possessing in hand material Wampum Belts you have or any other Wampum belts or sacred objects around the world, they will acquire some kind of power or hold power to make events to happen. This is not how the Wampum Belts works, and what the project of repatriation of the Wampum Belts intended to do. It will not empower some peoples or some Nations over other peoples or Nations. Does People working in museums do received or hold power by safekeeping or being at the proximity of these Wampum Belts or any sacred objects ? The answer is no.

Thanks to the Star Peoples to remind us that it is not the way it works as they can see through every one of us and see our true intentions. No one, no Nation owns the Wampum Belts, as they can not be hold in a possessive sense, they are only on loan from the Star Peoples.

Fortunately, the Star Peoples can read our mind and watch every move we do, and believe me, no one cannot lie or fool them. Peoples can fool and play games with peoples, but no one can fool the Star Peoples.

Rumours or no rumours, interpretations or no interpretations, Indians or no Indians, the Star Peoples are in full control as they organise from time to time, testing sessions to individuals and organise diversion plans. The Star Peoples are the only ones that know's and controled everything.

People acquire the responsibility of sacred things, in all kind of different and sometime bizarre or incomprehensive ways or in situations because the Star Peoples decided so. Nothing is left to coincidence. People will have to recognised and accept that some peoples are selected by the Star Peoples and the one selected knows how to recognized who are the other ones selected, as this is part of the diversion process for their personal protection.

I am greatly concern by the action of this committee in Ottawa and this public request on CBC for borrowing the Wampum Belts that are presently in exhibit at the museum of the Bank of Canada or to forced spiritual events. Most unfortunately, as this interview went on the air all across of Canada, more listeners remembered the price tag of a Wampum Belts rather than their significance or their purposes.

Who are the one that are driving you to make such a request to endangered your life, when you could personally pay a visit to the Wampum Belts and ask them to come with you? My friend, the Belts work at distance. You don't need the Belts, the Belts are part of you.

Now the canadian public priced the Wampum Belts at $100,000. This came from the safety bond requested by the Bank of Canada for borrowing the Belts. I, and many others are worry that the Wampum Belts will be coveted and stolen by unscrupulous peoples for money rather than for their purpose. Wampum Belts might start to disappeared from museums collections to reach a rapacious underground market of collectors of "Indians" artifacts that pay well. Other will offer openly a lot of money for Wampum Belts thinking they will acquire some sort of power from the Belts, or an interesting thing to own.

This will result in endangering your own personnel safety and the one that are travelling with you or are also in possession of sacred objects across Canada. This will create unnecessary stress on you and other that are concerned for you own safety and theirs.

This could also result in greater difficulty to have access to, or to received confirmation on the location of Wampum Belts kept in different museums, making the location and repatriation process excessively difficult, as museum would be more cautious and concerned for the safety of their own employees and safekeeping of the Wampum Belts within their walls.

I hope that you are now more informed of my concerns, which also reflect the ones of many other peoples involved with the Star Peoples or with a repatriation process undertaken all across Canada by First Nations with the support and the help of their respective Council of Elders.

I suggest that you read this letter over and over with your entourage and more so with Peter, Frank who now travel with you, your lovely daughter Evelyn, Ms. Meness Senior, the special committee in Ottawa, your Community Elders and your new companion of life.

I also suggest to contact these peoples for advise, David Gehue, Marc Thompson, Johnston Blacksmith from Cross Lake Manitoba, Jake Swamp from Akasasne, Gordon Rain from Obema, Billy Blacksmith from Mistassini, The wife of your deceased friend from Barrier Lake or Rapid lake, Buster Yellow Kidney from the Blackfoot country in Montana, The Wife of Joe Eagle Elk from Sioux country, Peter Ocheech and Jim Kahneeptaytayo from Onion Lake Alberta, Tony Sand from Saskatchewan, Liliane McGregor and Langford Ogama from northern Ontario.

Believe me, it was not easy to write this letter to you, but I feel at this time, it is the only way to get your undivided attention.

Don't shoot the messenger, as I am just a messenger, listen to the message, the Star Peoples are listening.

In peace and Starship,

Your long lasting friend. Claude

Claude Aubin
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