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There is a right time for doors to open because time has to do with the action of doing, such as opening the door for action to take place. This also applies to the berthing of ideas.

We also rearrange our musical vibrations as we tune our forms to higher levels of our newly found songs or ways. I notice that the Wabanaki song are from lower pitch and I felt in tune with them as they are part of what I am.

It take time and patience to wait for the right moment at the right place with the right players for a special event or a special learning experience to happened. That is how a door to another dimension to meet the other being of the universe is opened.

I learn from my participation to my last shake tent, that people, things, thoughts that create brain storming discussion are part of the event. This is what allows me to live intensively the shake tent experience before, during and after just like if they are there listening and helping me to understand how to communicate with them.

My last shake tent happened by the ocean, and its intensity help me to realized that as a turtle that I am, I am a turtle from the sea.

Three event happened at the sweat Lodge we had in Rhode Island just the day before we had the Shaking tent with the Wampum Belts. It open the door for meeting of two being of lights when I was preparing the sweat lodge. They look like little florescent light standing up with red and blue glowing on top and bottom. they did not cross fully into our dimension but allow me and six other people to see them. They kept a distance of approximately 50 feet from us. They landed at proximity of were we where and offered one of us to go with them. Still today I regret I didn't go, as I was the one who invited them near us. I taught they wanted to bring the Wampum Belts keeper that was with us to teach him the true meaning of the belts and help him to use them properly. This is why I offer him my place. He went toward them and walk toward the bush. They placed themselves on each side of him as they walk toward an arch opening to the bush.He did not go further as he told me, that he was scare to not come back.

The day after, they were with us during the shaking tent. As I went to the tent with the Wampum Belts keeper they made me explain the belts to the keepers. I hold the belts in my hand and I saw one being holding the bottom of it. One was leaning against my leg and it felt very cold. It was just like I knew everything about the belts for ever as I was teaching the keepers. I ask to take us up but a voice told me that the keepers was to old and he might not make it back. They took us any way but very lightly, enough to make me understand what was happening. We cross over. Next time I will ask just for myself.

We did not see their arrival, but as they left back into the bush that was surrounding us, we sure see the flash of a brilliant light on their departure from the surface of the earth toward the sky, to travel back to where they came from. This help me to understand why I had to go to Rhode Island as it empowered me to my beginning of the true understanding of the Wampum Belts.

I still do not understand why they created a diversion plan and a scenario, but I am sure why it was laid out by those being of light, as they wanted to attract the attention of other people elsewhere, others that where participating at the ceremony but not part of the communication event with the Star people.

Were those beings of light from the sea? Were they mermen and mermaid? Is the mermen and mermaid are the original being who came from outer space? Why their presence bring a clear cut wall of cold front that make you shivering in a 90% heat wave.

Is it because they live in the ocean where the water is extremely cold or because they lived in an other plane or and a planetary system? Are they the maker of the Wampum Belts, the wampum beads? Are the beads made of cahog or mermaid skin deposited on a special beach to be pick up like the sand beads. Are those belts the connecting antenna, the road map to call and meet these being of lights the star people where ever they are in the universe?

Why their interest to contact so few of us and why sometime we heard that some of us are abducted against their will when some of us are offered and can go at our own will?

Are The Wampum belts tunnels underneath the ocean floor, the sky or in the universe?

Why this event provided me with the beginning of the understanding of the belts, why was it so intense by the Ocean?

How about bringing the Wampum Belts to an ocean cave surrounded by salted water to be use as a sound chamber to create sound vibration with drums and chanting of vowel é ? (vowel é recognize polarities or of opposites) What would happened from these vibration, colours and may be the appearing of mermaid and merman? What would happened if we heated stone and use the cave as a sweat Lodge and we pour sea water rather than soft water on the stone? Is this could become a reversal process of going outer to inner rather than physical process of regular sweat of inner to outer?.

What this all means ? Is this means balance? is this means that the mermaid and mermen represent equilibrium or the road map or the teacher of some kind of key to the wampum belts? In a special ceremony of the shaking tent, the belts chemical structure changes to phosphorous bright just like put in front of a black light and then in a glassy transparent like a very colourful fish skin in front of the sun. Its physical dimension changes, its weight changes and of course the being of lights are visually present to watch every movement as the ceremony take place.

I retain certain comment to myself, more so on the process because I do not wishes to put them on paper for now for, as I am worry that some people might think that they can empowered themselves to do it without knowing what they are doing, or without receiving instruction by the star people.

Why are they giving me this urge and the possibility to always organized event for taking contact, why my passion for the Wampum Belts, my almost obsession to go with them, why they allow me to see them through taught projection, to meet with them and to see them as pure spirit not fully crossed over in our dimension to see their physical appearance, to see their spaceship or phenomenon but never taking me physically yet. I know that they know that I am worry, that if I go I might never come back to my wife, my children friends and grand children. I want to go for a while with them and come back. That they know, but not for an extended period to see the destruction of my family life on the earth, or to return physically into another century, alone on the earth. I have a earthling responsibility toward my commitment to my family to finish what I started , I have children and grand children some not born yet but I want to go for a while.

At the last gathering that took place in Calumet Island last week, they took us through thought projection, through the milky way on the other side of the sun. they where beautiful people with long blond white hair, with glowing transparent light green with strap on their chest, very friendly and smiling all the time, they where the people of the Wampum Belts. But what was that planet with beautiful bright transparent colours and gold we went to?

Written in the Fall of 1993.
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