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What you will read was written by me in french and was partly translated by google . I do have many writtings in french about other nice experience I had with attending Shaking tent ceremonies and other spiritual events.

In the summer of 1993, a group of woman from Rhode Island and friends of Ruby Denis Pollard , asked David Gehue to come to do traditional teachings, medicine and a ceremony of the shaking tent. At the same time that summer, I was asked to go to Pleasant Point called Sipayik, a Passamaquody Nation community located in eastern Maine in the United States. It was the first time I went in a Wabanaki community in the United States . I had met some member of that community during the first meeting of the Wabanaki Confederacy that was held in Restigouche the previous month . Everything was fine for me to attend the two activities as they were taking place in the same week, a weekend to another.

I had the opportunity to invite William Commanda to embark with me on this trip to the States, to provide him for a change of air and a change of space, a matter of taking a vacation. William had never participated in a Shaking tent before . William had asked me to bring him to the next shaking tent that David would do because he wanted to go to the tent with the belts and ask questions about their uses. William agreed to come if of course he could bring his new girlfriend Linda . I also told William he could do a presentation to the people with the belts at Plaisant Point and he could stay at Eddy Basset house.

I had to go to Rhode Island first because David ask me to help him putting up the shake tent structure for him and to show participants how it is done. Our travel to Boston was no problem except that I had to stop at the bus station in Montréal to take Réjean Pilote from Chicoutimi , a represetative of the Métis Nation in Quebec and to allow Linda , the new girl friend of William to have one of her big lunch. Réjean wanted to participate in the shaking tent event. That evening , our route led us in Marlboro Mass to Ruby Denis Pollard not far from Boston. Ruby is an Elder of the Maliseet Nation of Viger and also from the Métis community of St. Epiphane in Lower St Laurent in Québec Canada.

Not long after our arrival, David Gehoe, the medicine man , and Joe Francis his helper who become his eyes and his driver, arrived at the residence of Ruby Deni Pollard a Maliseet Elder of Viger . We had good talks and good laughs all night and we ate and talk about interesting things and heavy stuff on the omni or the star peoples and of course the Wampum belts and their scientific uses. William did not say much that evening on the subject, but he listened carefully. The discussion lasted at least until the wee hours of the morning. It was not until the next day we had to go in Rhode Island in a community located about an hour and a half of Ruby's house .

Me, David Gehoe , Joe, Réjean Pilote, William and Linda left in the morning to the state of Rhode Island . It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and the conversation was going well in the small Toyota van that took us to our destination eating somes snacks and some chips . The directions we received to get to our destination were not quite accurate . " Connecticut ! " Exclaimed Réjean . We are in the state of Connecticut and we have already passed the Rhodes Island . We had all togehter a crazy laugh especially after the comment of David on the list of things that needed to be brought by the participants during the weekend.

David had the opportunity to tease me on my English mistakes on the list that had completely changed the meaning of certain things to bring at the ceremony. We arrived late of course and as usual . People were already waiting for us . We had the giggles . People must had wondered what kind of crazy Canadian we were. There were at least thirty of them .

David , William and Linda spent the afternoon with the participants while me , Joe, Réjean , and many others such as John and Paul Pollard and his son were preparing the structure of the sweat lodge we were going to do later in the evening without knowing what would happen next . We had plenty of time to eat and to prepare for the ceremony. There were about thirty people who wanted to participate in the sweat lodge. We waited for the instructions of David if we wanted to be able to get all these people in the sweat lodge. " Ok guys, we will build a big Hilton for us to put all of us comfortably . " We entered the sweat lodge at sunset .

David asked me to bring my little drum in the sweat lodge and to sing some song. It Brought the small drum over the fire pit to remove some moisture and to raise the tone . That evening, I did not had to. I just had the time to take the drum and lift it above the fire for few seconds and the drum instantly exploded . It was six foot fire and the drum measured approximately ten inches in diameter. We must believe that the spirits did not want the drum in the lodge this time and for using only a ratle to sing. The sweat lodge was held as planned with a special surprise.

First the spirits enter the lodge when we process to close it to see if it was indeed tight enought without lights. Already we had spirit visitors in the lodge . William brought the belts inside the sweat lodge. That evening, we could see the belt in 3 dimensions like holograms and in color as the "little people" were dancing on the belts. Those who remained outside were a witness something they will never forget. They saw red lights, white, and blue light flowing around the wood and behind the lodge. It is about eleven pm and the summer heat is at 25 degrees Celsius.

The sweat is almost over and everyone is already coming out of the sweat lodge. We just advise me that strange things are happening in the wood, and small lights are omnipresent . Since we were in the lodge , we could not see them around. So I took the opportunity to go directly in the wooden area at the back of the lodge , to ask the lighs to come back with me and to stay in front of the people for them to see. Just at the entrance of the small forest , there was a kind of arch that was formed by the tree branches. The summer heat was still intense, and when I went to crossed this arch , the heat drop to such an extent that immediately passed that arch, the temperature became almost to a freezing point. I was still in bathing suit from the sweat. I started to shivered as if I had entered a cold room or a freezer in a store. I sat down and deposited tobacco and candy asking them to return with me . I guess during the Sweat lodge we had created such a vortex of energy tht we open a door or a portal to another dimension.

I knew they were there and watching me. So I return back to the group through the arch. Immediately as I crossed it was as if I was leaving a cold to intense heat . Everyone should at one time in his life have this kind of experience. It was a full moon day and the sky was lit up by stars that twinkled in the sky. The Milky Way was all lit up . Then suddenly , I realize that two lights followed me and stopped right next to the lodge in the grand opening. David was speaking to the group around the fire in front of the sweat lodge, except for a small group that stayed to the left of the lodge .

The small group was composed of Ruby, his son John and Paul and his wife, the grand-son of Ruby , Joe and Rejean . The two small lights had taken the intensity like a neon lights a fluorescent lights like a length of 12 to 16 inches tall. The center of the light reflected white light with blue and red at top and bottom. They were willing to communicate and interact with us. My intuition told me to get William Commanda who had Wampum belts . I wanted to take this opportunity for William to see with his own eyes this phenomenon, and I was hoping he realizes what the belts are use for and what we can do with the Wampum belt when in presence of being of lights. I was hoping that William would understand better how the wampum belts works .

So I told William that they are offering him to go with them momentarily in another dimension and to talk to him and teach him something. I wanted him to understand better what would happen to him and to experience the effect of the cold room. I removed the blanket cover that was on his back and I oriented him towards the two small lights . Linda, the current companion of William wanted to follow him and I stopped her . She was not happy. I made him understand that it was not for her. William advanced slowly toward the lights , they in turn came toward him and placed each other on the side of him, like two little bodyguard.

William headed toward the arch branch and then when he strike the door to go inot the other dimension he stopped suddenly as if he had panicked when feeling the cold. Then he came back without them. Both lights came back momentarily in the arck looking at me as I advance toward them as if they returned to advise me where they came from but actually they wanted me to go with them . Both lights returned to the forest not knowing them would return to meet me the following day , and then all of a sudden we saw a huge flash of light as if a huge bomb exploded but no noise , then a sudden jet of light towards the sky at high speed . This last event of departure lasted for five seconds at the most. All witness to this event have all been affected by this event. You had to see it to believe it.

It was at that moment that I realized that Star people orchestred this event well in advance and had even organized a diversion plan for those who should not see this event were kept away from not witnessing this. It was only later after talking with David that we I conclude that William fear had caused him to miss to enter and have a parallel experience as William was afraid not to return. It is also only later that I realized it was me they wanted to take with them and that I also had missed a great opportunity that night .

Even today, I'm still working to understand and improve mechanisms for communication with the star peoples and the next time I get the chance to go I will go without hesitation. We returned that evening to Ruby house very happy with our experience.

It was not until the next day that we built The shaking tent. Actually we were building the natural machine that would build a vortex of energy to create the door or the portal to enter another dimension. a sort or natural time/space traveling machine . We were hoping the star people will once again return tonight. We spent the afternoon building the shaking tent. Its has been a long waiting day . David asked me to go to the tent first as he was a bit worry of what could happen. The tent was not immediately activated by our friend David but the stars were present in the sky and our little light friends were present. David finally enter the tent . I ask the tent if it was possible to take me with William for a short trip for the duration of the shaking tent. I had previously spoken to William and he agreed . They refused to bring him as they taught he would not be able to come back . But they took us far enough. We could see their planets and stars surroundings and glowing traveling vehicles.

We were dressed for the occasion. William brought the Wampum belts to the shaking tent and me the big Wabanaki Confederacy pipe . Finally the ceremony started and we finally have the belts and the pipe all in one place and at the same time for the same event . What a wonderful show of lights and teaching we had then when we crossed to the other side and we were explained by those star being , not only the true meaning of Wampum belts but how to use them properly.

Belts were glittering in colors of the rainbows and translucent and also, like the skin of a fish in the water when hit by sunlight, they became transparent like glass. Star beings were present around us some holding the belts . Joe Francis was in total panic not being able to see the tent but we could see him looking for us . People outside the perimeter of the shaking tent told us that we were no longer visible and we vanished for over an hour. For my part , I lived an unforgettable experience as if we were surrounded by a mist or a cloudy fence. Star People give us individual instructions for more than an hour and a half on the Wampum belts and anything else. One thing is certain , I know what the belts means today and what is their purpose.

I never understood after this memorable event, why William Commanda never explained what really was taught to us about the Wampum belts so that we could finally make proper use of them and to finish the work that must be done. Not even in Pleasant point few days after the events. I believe that the teachings we received on the belts was not for him. This is very unfortunate because we are loosing valuable time to relearn and use this knowledge . Anyway one day will come when William will submit to the directives he received from the Star people if he really want to make effective use of wampum belts .

For my part, I am waiting for the day when I will be asked to explain and use the belts as we were taught by the being of lights. Unfortunately today my knowledge frighten many people because I refuse to play the role of a medicine person like a religious preacher. For others the answer is even clearer . I'm not an Indian and I should not be involved with wampum belts . It is perhaps better to say nothing and wait, I must wait for the right time and the right place to happen again . Sometimes you have to wait long enough for people to find out by themselves. May be one day people will understand the true meaning of spirituality and its connection to spiritual sciences and that the Star peoples have always existed and still exists as our teachers .

These experiences that happen both nights were another proof of the existence of the Star people and the interest they have in trying to contact us and to teach us their knowledge , our universal knowledge . We must relearn to use our communication mechanisms if we want to be able to be in mutual contact with them again . Me, David Gehue , Joe Francis and William Commanda and other wittnesses will never forget this event .

If this universe was create only for the earth and the living things on the earth it would be a hell of a lost of space .
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