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Wampum is a Narragansett word for shell beads. Although some authors claim that the Iroquois were the first to make wampum beads and string or weave them, it is more likely to be the Narragansett, since they lived near the coastline while the Iroquois lived inland. We should ask ourselves what is the Iroquois word for shell beads ??????

The Algonquian-speaking tribes of the North American Northeast also called the Wabanaki who strung these beads or wove them into belts used them for several purposes. Wampum belts served as a way to record spiritual science given to them by universal brothers and sisters and later in post contact whith Europeen as political and religious agreements to bind truth to the oral understandings that had been made. At times ,the Algonquian-speaking tribes also used wampum as a way to send messages. After contact, wampum also functioned as a medium of exchange and political alliance , or money.

To make wampum, the people gathered spiral shells during the summer. They cut the spirals into cylinders about an eighth of an inch in diameter and a quarter of an inch long. They then ground the quahog, whelk, or mussel shells to shapes, polished them; and drilled the centers with stone drill bits. Wampum makers made two colors of beads—white and purple Quahog shells were scarcer than whelk shells; thus when wampum was used as currency in post contact times, purple beads were generally assigned twice the value as white beads. When wampum was first use it was to record and teach spiritual knowledge, the beads were woven into a belt with is characteristic of ancient geometric design use for spiritual connection with universal people.

. The oldest wampum beads found by archaeologists in northeastern North America were made in about 2500 B.C. The spiritual knowledge of the Wampum belt is only known among the Algonguin Nations who still use the belts in the Star lodge ,the Turtle lodge and the shaking tent ceremonies where only spiritual wampum belts weave with the knowledge of the energetic connection of the binary system and fibre optic fabrication of the super string connection are used like holographic cerebral design computer a sort of energetic microchip for the best computer in the world today, the human brain. All relate to color and vibration coding. When dealing with wampum belts knowledge there is more to the eye that what you can see.

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