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When people will reach that level of respecting natural laws as a way of life and fully recognizing the danger of technical singularity, contemporary scientists will start to understand the natural singularity of the wampum belts to control natural intelligence and their relation to cosmology knowledge related to the spiritual science of the wampum belts as taught and known by our special aboriginal Elders in Canada.

Technical singularity control the technical intelligence of robots with no emotion, favouritism or nepotism or family clans putting human kind at high risk . It is already happening and lets hope this process will not end to create a destructive electro magnetic pulse from the sun cause by nuclear blast and become the main cause that will destroy life on the earth. Human kind is loosing control as its intelligence is being surpassed by artificial intelligence of the computers technology. Both brains work with electrical energy. One being natural meaning connected to the universal energy created by the magnetic field of the earth, and the other being robotic at the mercy of machine producing artificial electricity.

Wampum belts are computer microchips base on ancient geometry and are natural singularities that help keep technological balance. But to achieve that balance, first human kind have to break away from artificial intelligence and return to the source of life energy in harmony with nature and all living things on the earth and the universe.

And at this time Aboriginal people in Canada are more concerned with ownership of the material side of the rWampums belts rather then to learn about their scientific and technological knowledge that they could provide to help guide themselves and their communities , and eventually mankind to implement a line of taught and a process to help save the planet and themselves .
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