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As we are living an extremely important and decisive period of time, spiritually, culturally socially and politicly that could have disastrous consequences on our life, the one of our children and our grand children, The Métis Nation in the province of Québec with the support of the Confederacy of the Métis people is providing you documentation for your reflection. We suggest that you read carefully this documentation and that you circulate among the Métis people.

This documentation contain a summary of work achieved by a group of Métis in the province of Québec convinced of their Métis identity, an analysis of the present situation and propositions of great importance at this time in the development of a project of a distinct society for the Métis Nation in the province of Québec and the Métis Nation as a whole.

The Métis Nation in the Province of Québec do not care in the number of its citizens. The Métis Nation in the province of Québec believe in conviction, dedication and commitment from its citizens.

The group invite you to discuss the content of this documentation among yourselves and at your community meeting. Member of the group from the Québec region are available to clarified or to provide you any explanation you require on this documentation.

If you can find yourselves in this reflection and your conclusion also meet your objectives, with all the one that are convinced of their Métis identity and wishes to belong to the Confederacy of the Métis people in unity of all the Métis people, you must make sure that all the Métis people of your respective community are respected by the First Nations, the Canadian and the populations.

The Métis must free themselves from the political impasse and the control and more so from the serious negative criticism directed again them by who ever is not Métis.

It is time that the Métis fly with their own wings, as equal and in partnership with any other First Nations in the Province of Québec or elsewhere as it as been our wishes for so long, and to participate in the implementation of their own governmental structure according to a democratic process strictly oriented towards the need of the Métis.

This process must guaranty an open discussion and an open dialogue among the Métis people to clear the air and to built ourselves our future.

In these hard time of political struggle, as Métis you choose for self-government for the Métis people run and operated by Métis people, we are asking you to be extremely vigilant towards any political organisations who had never recognise in the past our project of a distinct society , and more so with the ones, in these last few years, had the chance and the opportunity to advance the development of the Métis Nation.

Is it because they did not have the courage or the conviction that they did not stand up to defend publicly or to respond to our aspirations. Be careful of the organisations that are now deciding at the last minute for political and personal survival or contemplating to embrace our dream for a distinct society for the Métis people.

The time to answer to confrontation and to criticism toward The Métis people is now over. We can no longer be manipulated .We have no more time to loose and we must spent all our energy to built our future as Métis people. No one else can do it for us.

It is our time to speak and to be listen, and lets speak and lets declare who we are once for all, just like the group of 10 Métis in the province of Québec that stood up in front of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People to declare and exposed clearly and publicly their identity as Métis, as citizens of the Métis Nation, to balance the strong criticism against any one who claim to be Métis in the Province of Québec or elsewhere in Canada outside the Red River settlement.

Our spiritual, cultural ,social and political future can no longer be one of political subject of discussion for annual election campaign to end up on the shelves as the forgotten people of any political organisations. Our future require strong conviction and a full commitment of what we are in every second every minute of our life as Métis. This means we can no longer accept compromise or to be perceive as political object for political trade within any organisations.

We are a Nation of people and we must start to dictate to these organisation that we no longer going to take it any more, and they must discipline themselves to respect that we intent to develop ourselves as a Nation of People within our own government structures.

We thank you in advance for the attention that you could bring as a Métis in support of your collective future, and to demonstrate clearly your ties to a cause that all the Métis convinced of their true identity heartily recognised, which is to succeed to free our Nation from anything that would limit ourselves to reach self-determination and self-government for all and by all the Métis people of Québec and Canada without exception, with respect and honesty, through sharing and caring, and in friendship of all the Nations in Canada.

The spirit of the Métis Nation and the spirit of our ancestors is calling us to join ourselves from coast to coast in respect of one another around the sacred fire of our great new Nation, the Métis Nation.
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