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It was at St. Raymond de Portneuf, in the office of the Metis Nation Quebec, on Saturday, March 31, 2012 , the Spokesperson of the Métis Nation Quebec (MNQ) Mr. Michel Lefebvre and Spokeperson of the Riel, Gariépy, Drouin, Morin, Roy, Lefebvre and Aubin family clans met the President, Mr. Robert Doucette of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan (NMS) and Mr. Allen Morin Vice President.

This meeting was intended to enter into cutural, social, spiritual and political exchange, and talk about negotiation procedures in light of signing in the summer of 2012, during the events of Batoche in Saskatchewan, a Pact of Métis National Unity between the MNQ and the MNS.

This pact is an inseparable process for the national unity of the Métis, where the Métis Nation Quebec and the Métis Nations Saskatchewan commits to meet at least once a year around a talking circle chaired by our leaders and with the supports of our Elders, our spokespersons of our Métis family clans and our experts to discuss and share our concerns and our knowledge on cultural, social, spiritual and political issues.

This pact also commits them through these meetings, to adopt common approaches on decisions to help improve our relationships, our aspirations and knowledge of who we are and what we became as a Métis Nation, without forgetting the need for the Métis Nation Quebec to be included within the Métis National Council.

This meeting was a first of its kind to re-unify the Métis in Saskatchewan and Quebec. The possible signing of a Pact of Métis National Unity falls within the ultimate vision of Louis Riel whose Métis family came from Lavaltrie Quebec.

The representatives of the Métis clans of Quebec made a presentation on their respective family related and tied to those of Saskatchewan and a short presentation on the sashes. They also explained the Great Peace of Montreal that took place in 1701, in the presence of objects that came from this treaty , such as the 1701 treaty box, a pipe that had been issued by the Miami Nation as well as peace and friendship medals accumulated after. They also raised the role that the Treaty has played in the early formation of the Métis Nation in eastern Canada .

This event is the culmination of several years of discussions between the former Spokesperson of the Metis Nation of Quebec, Mr. Claude Aubin and the President of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan, Mr. Robert Doucette.

This meeting is the result of the perseverance of the citizens of the Métis Nation of Quebec who believe in the distinction of their Métis identity and who wanted to build the Métis Nation as a distinct national entity since 1991, under the leadership of Claude Aubin and Bruno Meilleur.

During this meeting, together we did recognized that the sash is the spine of the Métis Nation and of all our Métis family clans and we must reconnect the strands of the belt to who we are hat we are and what we became and to recognize that the Métis sash is also the spiritual connection of all Métis from coast to coast.

We also recognized that Métis who reside in the territory of Quebec who is the birthplace of the Metis are the Métis of the motherland, the Métis of the sashes, and the Métis of the prairies are the Métis of the homeland, the Métis of the Flag.

We also recognized the benefit to promote that all Métis citizens have a duty to participate in the organization of a distinct Métis Nation from coast to coast.

We also recognized the benefit to the Métis of Saskatchewan to integrate the Métis of Quebec into the vision of one great unified Métis Nation as envisioned by Louis Riel and all our ancestors from our respective territories.

We also recognized the importance that our governing entities and our population can help each other in the challenges and issues they jointly have identified as being strategic for the Métis, and to be able to advance them in a contemporary recognition of all Métis.

Finally we have recognized the benefit to show a gesture of national unity within our Métis Nation and among all its citizens, to support one another whenever possible to enhance a better understanding of our inseparable cultural, social, spiritual and political connection for its development and its application.

This historic meeting is a public gesture that confirms the importance of renewing family ties between irreversible and perpetual members of the Métis family clans in Quebec and Saskatchewan and other prairie provinces, and the importance to include eventually the Métis Nation of Quebec within the great Métis Nation,

This meeting with the President and Vice President of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan comes at a time when the Métis Nation Québec continues to be denied recognition by the Quebec government as the 12th Aboriginal Nation on the Quebec territory.

Here is another example that demonstrates the spiritual respect and recognition of the Métis Nation in Quebec that emanates from the leaders of the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan.
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