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The Life Force, the Great Spirit, provided only one form of government to have jurisdiction on Turtle Island, the Confederacies, in respect of all living things, the water, the air, the trees, the animals, the fishes, the land and ourselves.

The empowerment of the Confederacy as one strong viable wolistic Aboriginal Government comprised of family clans, tribal, national and confederate components would require the effective strengthening of ourselves and our existing original Tribal, National and Confederate Government with an international voice in Canada and United States.

The Aboriginal People today are concerned not only about their rights as individual or their respective Nations, but also for their survival. A natural Way in which they have gathered together for political and spiritual strength has been the Confederacy. The purpose of the Confederacy was to work together for protection, peace, strength and unity without loosing sense of our collective and unified identity.

The Algonquian tribes from the raising sun as far as the Miami territory comprise what is called the northeastern Wabanaki Group of Turtle Island.

The People, their Tribes and their Nations that composed the Confederacy of the Wabanaki People where the Kennebeck, the Amaraskoggin, the Saco, the Penobsscot, the Pegwackit, The Chinecto, the Norrigawake, the Narrakamegock, the Amasacontoog, the Pigwocket, the Penecook, the Merrimack, the Shawnee, the Tuscaroras, the Nantikook, the Tuleloes, the Narrantsuk, the Pentug8et, the Narrankami8q the Anmiss8kani, the Muanbissek, the Medoctek, the Peg8akki, the K8upahag, the Pesmokanti, the Papinachois, the Mi'maq, the Wapanog, the Wooloostook, the Mohigan and others.

The Wabanaki Confederacy which was manifestly the outgrowth of an organizing tendency share alike by other Confederacy such as the Delaware Confederacy the Creek Confederacy, the Iroquois Confederacy, the Confederacy of the Three fires, and the Confederacy of the 7 Nations.

In late historic time the Confederacy of the Wabanaki People was composed of 14 eastern Nations; the Mi'gmaq, the Maliseet (Wooloostook), the Penobscot, the Passamaquody, the Mohigan, the Narrangisset, the Massachusett, the Shawnee, the Abenaki, the Tuscaroras, The Nanticokes, the Tuleleos, the Papinachois , the Etchemin and our allies the Huron and the Odawa.

From this time onward, not following the general tradition, the Wabanaki Confederacy lost importance. It became a Christian Confederacy composed of the Penobscot, the Maliseet, the Mi'gmag, and the Passamaquody community who became now catholics in association with the community of Kanasatake, Akawasasne and Kanawake, with their convention headquarters at Oldtown Maine among the Penobscot.

The Wabanaki Confederacy is still struggling to bring its people together under one confederate spirit and as one confederate mind to demonstrate the spiritual and political strength and power of the Confederacy of the Wabanaki People and of our great Wabanaki Tribes and Nations. Today the Confederacy must recognise and respect a new Nation called the Métis Nations created form the meeting of 2 different world and to include them as an integral part as a Nation within the Confederacy .

We the Wabanaki People of the seven fires must commit ourselves to work and share our effort together to rekindle the 7 fire in order to light the 8th and final fire , an eternal fire of peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood according to our prophecies.

May the Life Force, the Great Spirit gives you the vision of who we where, of who we are and of who we can become in respect of others join in Confederacy. The Confederacy is composed of everyone of us. It is you.