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What is happening to the Metis citizens of the Métis Nation of Ontario tied to the eastern Métis families is the result of the canadian scenario of systemic process of assimilation and submission to the English language of all French canadian and french base spoken connected dialect such as french michif spoken by Métis all across Canada .

It is now clear the direction the so call Métis of the Matee National Council are taking to defrenchized and dispossess the Métis Nation of its original roots, its original historic connection, its original language and its ability to be organized as a distinct Nation Métis en Michif Francais falls in line with this systemic process of assimilation.

The Matee National Council demonstrated publicly its lack of respect not only against eastern and western Métis who recognize their eastern historic connection but now to include also Halfbreed alike not connected to their definition of Matee homeland.

It has been to long the Métis are subdue to the English language imposed upon them in the majority of provincial Metis Nation organizations or any Métis corporate organizations outside the Québec province with all respect to the Union Nationale Métisse St Joseph Founded by Louis Riel itself.

I think this incident could become the turning point for the Métis of Ontario and all Métis across Canada, to join together with the eastern Métis to regroup and redress as a true Nation Métis, with the sole use of its french Métis language on all its activities, according to its french Métis culture and its french Métis history.

I also hope in all respect the Halfbreed people of eastern Canada will do the same and built their own distinct Hafbreed Nation in parallel of the Métis and demonstrate their true distinction from the Métis according to the Halbreed language, culture and history and to revalue their English or Irish family ties.

Les Métis de l'Ontario must not abandon their Nation Métis but rather address the issue of what push the Matee National Council to take some direct action to remove any Métis not connected to their Matee homeland and to face their true linguistic and cultural reality like all Eastern Métis must do.

They claimed we are different as Métis because we are not from their Matee Homeland but the true reason is that we still speak french Métis and that is scary for the Halfbreed and the Matee to not lose the control of the Métis movement over the french Métis language.

We are different, then lets show them our difference and lets use our french Michif language in all our Nation Métis social, political and organizational activities and you will see how it will be their turn to react to our renaissance Métis and defend what they appropriated and rejected to define their new Matee Nation .

And that is what les Métis doivent enfin faire pour démontrer qui nous sommes et reprendre ce qui nous appartient . On peu pu fére ca en Anglais . No more English that paralize and neutralise our Métis mind and way of thinking and know how.

By this action the Matee National Council is attempting to neutralize in the eye of the government and the First Nations the Métis movement to the sole language they want to use in their national organizations. The exclusivity of the English Language ! When most First Nation are fighting so hard to revive , to protect and attempt to use their aboriginal languages in all their institutions . Les Métis de l'est on le parle toujours au quotidien.

Métis must now take action to demonstrated their true conviction as Métis to protect , their french Métis language, their culture and their history hoping the eastern Halfbreed will do the same on their side .

It is now clear the direction the so call Métis of the Matee National Council is taking to systematic approacj to dispossess the Métis Nation of its original roots, its original historic connection, its original language and its ability to organize as a distinct Nation Métis dans l'Est du Canada. C'est à nous de leur prouver le contraire que nous sommes capaable de le faire comme il l'on fait dans l'ouest.

Well it is time pour les Métis to start focussing on their true identité Métis and to take control of la Nation Métis in eastern Canada .

Vive la Nation Métis en bas Canada , Vivent la Nation Métis au Québec , la 12ième Nation Autochtone sur le territoire du Québec . Allons Métis, the fluff and fiddle is over. Le vraie travail de la reconnaissance Métis commence sur le territoire de la Mère patrie des Métis , le Bas Canada tout entier.

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