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Dr. Darryl R.J. Leroux Associate professor , Social Justice, Community Studies at Saint Mary's University in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada race shifting theory or thesis could be interpreted and could go both ways to open the door to lots of questions on who is or who can legitimately call themselves or belong to First Nations according to current First Nations criteria rather than to be based on government indian act status definition ?

Is this race shifting thesis could open the door in the near future for Dr.Darryl Leroux to proceed to received government contract to do a genealogy research on First Nation membership accuracy in order to limit treaty benificiaries ? Billions of dollars are also involved on this First Nation issue like Métis self identification is in it .

But nothing is more sad to see Aboriginal people of current or past mixed marriage and ancestry or who belong to well known and existing Métis family like the Brazeau, Aubin , Smith, Mcgragor, Vanasse , Nicholas , Doucet, Gill, Volant , Bacon, Sioui, Denis , Launière, who many of their family members that acquired a status indian from the canadian government Bill C 31 or are recognized now with aboriginal connection from second and third generation or even more generations and are now claiming to belong to First Nations .

What is wrong with those Métis ? Why every time the children issued of mixed marriage between First Nations and non aboriginal parents ,the children must automatically become First Nation when they are Métis ?

They are these children who were raised in a mixed marriage family setting surrounded with love and care as Métis from parents of 2 different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Why some of them who denied or hide to recognize their non native ancestry to positioned themselves in a race shifting decision to become and belong to a First Nation rather than la Nation Métis au Québec ?

This is to me Métis who reject one of their parents and relatives and their Métis identity, an identity who require to respect all your relatives. This is clearly what I call also a race shifting toward First Nations . Why? What is wrong to recognize itself as beautiful Métis ?

Believe me, aquiring a government issued indian status card does not provide you automatically a First Nation identity or a recognition by the First Nation people or their Nation. The chances are those Métis who acquired a government issued indian status and never did or never will live in First Nation communities, might not ever remarried with First Nation people or Métis as they are not truly connected with them and do not live the same communal ,cultural and linguistic experience.

This isolation situation will increase further the cultural and linguistic gaps between those status indians of mixed ancestry and the First Nations peoples this government indian status as done in a systemic fashion. These gaps have created First Nations and communities tension that can be easily observed at the moment.

But one thing remain an issue. It increased drastically the financial burden of the First Nations who must by obligation provide services to those race shifters, totally disconnected from the reality of First Nation current issues and what happen in their communities .

More sad is to see is how the non traditional attitude some First Nation, Western Métis and Halfbreed supporters of Leroux are demonstrating toward the new generation of Métis in the province of Québec from current and past mixed marriages and who acquired lately in the past 35 years a government issued indian status. This is 2 more generations and a third soon coming . What will happen to the fourth and fifth one never mind the seventh one ?

History repeat itself and mixed marriage are on the rise as more than half ot the First Nations populations live off reserves, or First Nations communities . Those status Métis should be wondering how they will be treated and how First Nations will recognized and treat their future generations if they cannot sustain a government indian status. Would these First Nations protect their seventh generation if they did not married within First Nation or Métis or will they be rejected as self identified ? They are not protecting them now and I doubt they will protect them in the future ? so what is next for the Métis ?

Leroux academic thesis on Métis self identification is not the true issue. In run deeper than that . Let face it and lest talk about it more openly . The true issue is the systemic racism some First Nation people and Westen Métis and Halfbreed are demonstrating towards eastern Métis who sometime are the mirror of what some of them have now became.

Leroux a non native academic , have no clue of the issue mixed marriage descendants are faced with and in my case , more so for my family , me, my children and grand children are suffering right now and how affected they are by his negative writings supported by some First Nations, Western Metis and Halfbreed supporters .

Now it is to the new and current generation of Métis in Québec with a government issued status card if they want to keep and promote and protect their Métis identity and culture as Métis in respect of all their ancestors, or to go toward a race shifting process to become or retain to be First Nation citizen until once again be rejected when they reach their 7 plus generation.

There are Metis in Québec and we are trying since 1972 to organize ourself as a Nation Métis in Québec to be the 12 Aboriginal Nation to stand tall as an Aboriginal Nation beside the other 11 First Nations. Métis are second to none.

As for Leroux who care is not Aboriginal .

La Nation Métis au Québec sera toujours la à vous attendre les bras ouverts et sans condition.
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