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Métis all across Canada more so the western Métis should start sériously think about this. Métis not only they have Aboriginal rights, they also have French Rights protected in the Canadian constitution. I always asked myself these two basic questions when it come to Métis rights.

Why Métis try so hard to be like First Nation people and why they never try to be like French Canadian when they are neither one or the other. This is a question that cross my mind all the time thinking as Métis we might be missing something quite important when it come to Métis rights.

Well, Aboriginal people are defined in section 35 of the the Canadian constitution and also in article 91,24 as Indian, Métis and Inuit. So does it mean if Métis also start asserting their French rights they will be strike out or radiated of section 35 of the Canadian constitution, thinking they might loose their Metis identity and their Métis Aboriginal rights ?

Wait a minute all Métis, everybody know that we as Métis are the product of two vibrant cultures of 2 distinct nations one being French and the other First Nation, also speaking a common French base language and sharing the same culture and the same territory, Canada.

Hello Métis, Is this suppression of recognizing and applying our French rights comes from years of English colonialism and level of assimilation to the english language and english culture by the western Métis people in Canada that caused them to loose their cultural connection to their French ancestors and their French Métis language and their French Métis thinking, but unfortunately are in control of the Métis agenda in the canadian prairies and influencing the canadian government perception of Métis to maintain colonial rules.
Is this Why it is so hard for them to recognize Métis outside of the Red River Territory ?

I think I am starting to understand what is going on. The western Métis became so assimilated to the English stereotype colonial definition and concept of what a Métis is supposed to be like and live like and where, that they lost site of their own dual cultural French/First Nation connection giving them access to Aboriginal and French rights or because in fact some of them never been connected to the French culture. Why? Simply because they are English Country born Halfbreed different from Métis, bullying a legal definition of Métis rather than a cultural one and using their legal interprétation to be able to use and to call themselves Métis as recognised in the Canadian Constitution and to be able to receive services from Métis organizations and the Métis Nation across Canada.

AS for the true Métis did they really lost site of that French connection or they just tried so hard to suppressed it worrying they would be less Métis or Aboriginal for that ?

Just imagine the Métis National Council leadership with the Majority of western Métis awakening to this understanding of dual Canadian Rights, recognizing that Aboriginal and French right already exist for Métis People . It is just a question of asserting them.

To think that way you have to be a true Métis living your true identity speaking your French Métis language and in love and in recognition of all your ancestors being First Nations and French inclusively in all Canada.

To implement both these Aboriginal & French rights for Métis there is no more room for English colonialism, no more room for assimilation to the English language to be able to think that way and see the future of Aboriginal and French rights for Métis People all over Canada. First Nations are trying so hard to bring back their languages in their self government implementation so should be the Métis Nation.

To do that they will have to recognize the Métis Nations in the province of Québec and and all across Canada and provide French Métis language services to all their Métis constituents in eastern and western Canada.

It is a Question of Aboriginal and French rights to be use for the implementation of Métis self governance for all Métis People across Canada according to their distinct cultural, linguistic, social and political définitions and dévelopment .

Something to consider as a follow up to the Daniel case is in it . But first we must decolonize the word Métis and give back its true historical and cultural identité.

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