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Further to the recent election of the Maliseet Nation in Quebec, the Maliseet or what remains of them , must ask themselves serious questions about their political and socio cultural future and especially on the issue of their final loss of the control of their Nation.Self governance is now out of the question and the genocide undertaken by the Canadian Government started in 1869 is now fully completed.

Now that they became a fully colonized Nation by wandering Indians that were illegally registered in this Nation by usurping a Maliseet identity claiming to be related to Charles Nicolas no 47 who was the grand father of Barry and Graden Nicolas wo now are members of the Maliseet community of Tobic since the land session of the reserve in 1869 and with the help of the Department of Indian Affairs , the main question all the Maliseets must ask themselves is how the Maliseet of Viger will now preserve their national, political, cultural and linguistic identity among this Great Maliseet Nation in eastern Canada when their leaders and most of there members of are not Maliseet.

Operating now strictly under the Indian Act, the Maliseet of Viger are now led by a Band Council strictly controlled by strangers with no ties to the history, the nationality, the culture, the language and the Maliseet family clans of Viger and all the other family clans from the Maliseet communities in New Brunswick.

You have to ask yourself seriously on how the Maliseet population residing in the province of Quebec and in the united States will succeed to get out of this infernal impasse if it is not by petitioning the department of Aboriginal Affairs Canada for the creation of another Indian Band , in order for the federal government to provide services to these itinerant foreign Indians who illegally infiltrated the Maliseet Nation of Viger and were once on the general list 816 kept by the canadian government .

They must also ask themselves, on how this Mr. Jacques Tremblay, the new Grand Chief of the Maliseet Nation, a man highly educated and with experience as Assistant Deputy Minister in the Québec Government will succeed in convincing other Chiefs of the Maliseet communities and the other 11 First Nations of Quebec of the validity of the presumption of his national identity as a Maliseet, a Nation he himself and all his ancestors does not and never did belong to ?

Unless he redirect these wandering Indians towards the exit door of the Nation by requesting to the Canadian government to create another community and another Indian Band on the north shore of the St Laurent river where most of these people originated and to let the Malisset of Viger to regain possession and control of their community and their Nation.

Also how can he as a stranger to the Maliseet be able to rallied the Maliseet of Viger which have now become an humiliated minority in their own communities and in their own Maliseet Nation.

Does the Maliseet of Viger is still strictly a Maliseet community or does she became a community of wondering Indians recognized by the Indian Act who use Maliseet identity to define themselves ,without any obligation from their part to promote and secure this identity and still benefit as indian of the services provided to Indians by the Canadian governments. Big difference.

The problem that exists within this Nation is that since its reorganization in 1987, the Maliseet did not had a chance to succeed to rebuild its political, social and cultural identity as Maliseet because this community and the Maliseet Nation in Québec was immediately and constantly invaded by strangers and under the influence and control of lawyers who did everything to destabilize the communities and the Nation in order to use it strictly to expect to benefit from services reserved to Indians and to allow them to extort huge sums of monies.

In order to succeed this take over control process , these wandering indians knew they had to be members of an Indian band and not necessarily a First Nation and that these wandering indians stranger to the Maliseet of Viger knew about that.

This is why the original members of the original family clans of the Maliseet of Viger have become a minority in their own community because they were constantly denied access to their Nation by these strangers and because many of their descendants are not or can not be recognized as Indians under the Indian Act following the land session and the closure of their community in 1869 and now the excessive denial of recognition by these strangers in control of the Nation .

This is the main reason why Claude Aubin wrote and proposed to the Nation a citizenship code in 1987 to remedy this situation and to keep them in their Nation but they never succeeded to implement correctly and to apply the citizenship code to replace the Indian Act following the restrictive control of the citizenship of the Nation by these wandering Indians.

The Community of the Maliseet of Viger is the only community that represents the Maliseet Nation in Quebec.

The Jenniss and the Tremblay and other family names too numerous to mention, and which have no connection with the history of the land session that took place in 1869 and are totally foreign families not connected to the Maliseet of Viger, especially they did not have to suffer the conséquences and the effects of the process of the genocide committed in 1869 by the church and the government against the members of the Maliseet original family clans .

Now in total conrol of the community and the Maliseet Nation in the Province of Québec they now have carte blanche and hold total control and balance in the decision-making, authority and process to manage and govern the Nation at will in the current and the future of a Maliseet Nation that do not belong to them .

The new grand Chief Jacques Tremblay, mainly elected by a land slide majority of members of these foreign families with the support of few Maliseet is full of promise and proposal for his family clans who define themsleves today as Maliseet to serve their interest but are far from being Maliseet.

But the Maliseet now being colonized will be standing outside the circle of these foreigners who have usurped a Maliseet identity and who now run without restriction and without strong opposition the only community of the Maliseet Nation in Quebec.

What a fine example for the future and what kind of legacy to give to the Maliseet youth who want to build their Nation, trying with great difficulty to make their way for the respect of their Maliseet identity ties to the history, the ancestors and the other Maliseet communities they have a relationship with .

An Aboriginal Nation is not defined by a foreign law imposed on the Nation called the Indian Act , its membership or Section 35 of the Canadian constitution. A Nation is defined like any other nations of the world by its language, its culture, its territory, its history, its family clans, its past and its relation with the other communities of the same Nation experienced by the family clans of all the Maliseet like they were in the past and they will live in the present and the future.

The future and the survival of any Aboriginal nation does not pass through economic development projects but mainly by how the Nation can preserve and promote its authenticity and its political, linguistic, cultural and spiritual connection with its past .

Without its original heart and a soul and an ancestral connection a Nation is doomed to disappear by assimilation .

Métis from the Métis Nation in Quebec's Lower St. Lawrence, those tied to the original families clas of Viger are also grieving this situtation that persist within the Maliseet Nation in Quebec, because they too suffer the consequences of this rejection, but they are in solidarity and in support with the citizens of the original family clans of the Maliseet Nation who are experiencing today as a national insult now and being colonized by foreigners to become themselves strangers in their own community their own Nation and in their own territory.

May be an agreement between the Maliseet of Viger and the Métis Lower St. Lawrence is needed to safeguard their Maliseet national identity.

It remains to see if the youth of the Maliseet family clans will get or receive support from their Maliseet parents or if they too will abandon this fight . At least we the Métis lower St Lawrence, we will not give up.

It may be time for the Maliseet of Viger with the support of the Métis to reformat this vision for the Maliseet in the lower St Lawrence because all Aboriginal Nations in Quebec are not defined with a band council or by Indian recognised under the Canadian Indian Act , a foreign law of the Maliseet and even more foreign to the Métis of Lower St. Lawrence.

Well this offer is on the table as I did proposed one for the reorganization of the Maliseet Nation of Viger in 1987.
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