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What is called in colonial time Oak Island located in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada , this island who was once an important Aboriginal spiritual site, has been raped of its original function by treasure hunters with colonial views and interpretations of this island special spiritual site and by the same process erased part of the history and the scientific spiritual knowledge of the Wabanaki people it contained.

Once one of the most valuable and important spiritual site of the Wabanaki people in eastern Canada, this site has been destroyed piece by piece for centuries by greed and ignorance of obsessed treasure hunters .

Not once the question has been asked to the Elders of the Wabanaki Confederacy on what the site on Oak Island could had be used for at one time when Wabanaki people had free access to the site to make contact with the star beings, through the process of special ceremonial events.

Now that this ancient site, that was probably built during the time of the Mayan and Incas and probably way before the pre columbian period with the help of the Star people and their technology, has been completely destroyed, how can we now as Wabanaki people demonstrate its utility to our own people who unfortunately suffer tremendous colonial influence when comes time of spiritual activities ?

We as Wabanaki are unfortunately addressing with colonial view and interpretation many of our ancient sites to include our artifacts that are resting in museums. But Some of our Elders knows about their true utilities and meaning because they know they can tap in the collective mind of the Aboriginal peoples to retrieve their meaning with the help of special ceremonies .

One thing remain. Some of our Wabanaki Elders knew at one time this site was built with advance scientific knowledge of the Wabanaki people to make contact with universal beings from the stars . No one took the time to ask them is in it .

What is called now the money pit by these treasure hunters was once a huge engineered electrical generator using natural energy of the earth with the see water channelled through a directional tunnel and other tunnel to collect that energy necessary to achieve contact and also encoded in the binary grids of specific Wampum belts used to make contact. The site pointers are also position in direct relation with the star map.

It is with great regrets that this site was never protected as a very important historical site by the canadian government and lets hope that in the future the Aboriginal people of Canada will not let any foreigner to this land destroy again what was once the source and the proof of their scientific knowledge used for the survival and the protection of their cultural knowledge.

As for the curse of the Oak island , the curse remain sadly in the ignorance of the treasure hunters.

But for the Wabanaki people , Oak island is far from being a curse but a spiritual site raped of its true treasure , a demonstration of the scientific knowledge of the Wabanki People in relations to the star beings who once left them the knowledge of the 8 pointed star.

What is happening on Oak island is a great example of the importance for the Wabanaki people to empower themselves again with their scientific knowledge of the binary coding of their Wampum belts in order to validate and protect these site on their territiory. Imagine if we had build the Star Lodge and the star wheel over the site of what they call the money pit on Oak island ?

This destruction of the Oak Island must stop immediately and the treasure hunters to apologize to the Wabanaki people for what they have done over centuries in the destruction of Aboriginal people scientific knowledge on Oak Island.

May be when the digging of what they call the money pit will stop, then they will no longer risking and loosing the life of one more obsessed treasurer hunter innocent helpers.

And by the way, the true treasure of Oak Island might not lay in the ground of the island but in the starry skies above, with the help of the position of the directional cross at the entrance of the milky way and laying also on the special ground ot this island.
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