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With the support of other Métis people that seem to have lost their spiritual and cultural ancestral connection to the Michif and French languages caused by year of colonial paralysis due to the assimilation to the English language or by being under the control of country born, Yorky , Halfbreed people coming from English family therefore not connected at all to the French and Métis people are supporting this claim that THERE IS NO MÉTIS IN QUBEC , publicly declared by the President of the Metis National Council , Mr Clement Chartier. Chu pas certain que li Michifs yon ité consulté la dsu dans li prairie.

Ironically these people, including western colonial scholar people, persist to use the French word Métis ( pronounced in English) to define in English who they are. These people are strongly refusing to recognize as part of the la Nation Métis rather than the Métis Nation all Métis outside of the the Red River settlement, mostly the one of the province of Québec who do speak the original michif language and French like the one spoken in St Laurent Manitoba pi au Lac Babiche pi à St Anne pi also refusing li Metis of the L' Union Nationale Métisse St Joseph du Manitoba , an organisation that was fondée par Louis Riel himself in the late 1900s, all the Métis who also use french michif as their daily language of communication and opération.

La Nation Métis started to take roots in eastern Canada more strongly in Québec . Now slowly implemented in the Red River settlement it slowly change its language of operation in English under the Métis National Council with a french accent on the E . La Nation Metis is always in mutation and is undergoing in western Canada at this moment an identity crisis and is under the process of a cultural revolution who will make it evolved and will continue to force changes as the Métis Nation identity cannot be frozen into time as exclusive to the Western Aboriginal people of mixed ancestry who claim to be Métis for the sole purpose of political and financial opportunities proposed by its leadership .

Les Métis étaient et sont toujours des gens libres.

Regardless of this process, without this Michif language who are and what will become of all those who claim to be the only Métis in Canada and claiming in English there is no Métis in Québec ? Is is because these Metis speak french or Mishif and in the prairies they are no longer able to speak it or they are just plain and simple are not of Frecnch and First Nation Descent ?

The leadership of the Métis National Council is demonstrating they are scare of the Metis who's still speak their language and could force the Metis National Council and their Metis provincial organisations to provide services in the Michif language.

Well lets remove this colonial paralysis and lets get started to remember were this Méts culture and this Métis identity comes from and based on what location ? Metis historical communities never really existed in eastern Canada for few exceptions for the simple raison that it is the Metis family clans that are historic and always on the move as far as western Canada. Metis are and will never be sedentary people compare to the one of western Canada who decide to stay put in western Canada or their now survival and the creation of township .

History repeat itself and a new Métis is born in Canada through the same process it happened 450 years plus ago between a First Nation person and a french or Métis person as predicted during the talk of the gathering of all First Nation with the French called La Grande Paix de Montréal , the Great piece that tool place in 1701 in Montréal Québec way before the Red river settlement and the Riel Rebellion .


Métis - french word -Quebec
Sash - ceinture fléchée - Québec
Red river cart , Tomberau a boeuf ou char a beux- Québec
Voyageurs canoe, Canot de voyageurs- Québec
Sach machine weaving - rouet a ceinture fléché - Québec
Cart Wheel Roud the char a boeuf^Quebec
Metis language langue Métis _ Quebec
Métis culture , culture Métis - Québec
Fidle Violon - Quebec
Jig Jigue - Quebec
jig song chansons de jig- Quebec
Familly ,Famille Chartier,Abraham, Marchand, Riel , Teillet, Lagimodière, Dumont, Vincent, Ladouceur, Gariepy, Le clair, Leclerc, Lussier, Geaudry, Desjarlais , Fontaine , Courchêne , L'hirondelle , Poitras , Denis , Bellegarde. Lavallée, Belcourt , Dion, Poitras, and all the other french family name connected with the Métis - Quebec
St Laurent Bombardier for winter fishing , Les Bombariers utilizés pour la pêche hivernal - Quebec
Hat Tuque- Quebec
Voyageur coat - la cap des voyageurs -Québec
Gender - jambières- Quebec
French and Métis priest . Les prêtres Métis et francais - Québec
Catholique religion LA religion catolique - Quebec

And they are telling us there is no Metis in Québec when the Metis of Quebec are Métis from up to 7 plus generation, and calling us as far as little indians.

And the Metis from The Red river settlement are from 3 generations and still capable to regain an indian status and capable now to rejoin their First Nation of origin if they wish to do so .

I wonder if Mr David Chartrand and Clement Chartier could or would or did . That would be interesting is in it to know .


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