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Well as a Metis residing in the province of Québec I would not let the Western Metis leaderships off the colonial hook so easy yet. I have witness some fantastic changes in the mind of some Western Metis, but I think there is something about Métis identity that seems to be plaque with colonial amnesia since the influence of the English language and culture to become a subtle assimilation process they are caught under.

Quite simple, Western Metis are demonstrating they knows very little about their own comprehensive history. As far as I can tell that denial of their knowledge of Eastern Métis history always characterized only Canada engagement with Western Métis under the British Crown colonial system that followed the 1867 Canadian Confederation , The Riel Resistance and the Red River checker board script settlements.

And when Canada will no longer deny its pre confederation treaties and colonial activities taken before the Royal Proclamation regarding the presence and the history of the Métis in eastern Canada, a slight different denial could no longer takes effect with the support of the Metis National Council twisted current denial of the Eastern Metis to maintain in colonial English a linguistic and cultural control on La Nation Métis au Canada.

This denial that the Canadian government and with the current support of the Metis National Council leaderships has enforced over the course of its history, had measurable effect on the present Metis situation, and the denial of these horrific historic institutionalized racism actions are still happening today and applied in very discriminatory forms by both of them.

To be clear there are many Metis family clans in Canada that moved freely in all Canadian provinces over the centuries , from east to west, and west to east and each one of them have their specific history with the French, the First Nations and the British Crown . Many of these Metis families in later years settled in the Western provinces after the Canadian Confederation was established under the British Crown because they could no longer be mobile as free people and took scrips to be able to settle down.

My father Metis familly came from eastern Canada and settled eventually in Québec . My mother Metis family came from a Metis settlement at proximity of a First Nations community and the city of Québec. So I can only speak about mes family clans interesting relationship with the French the First Nations and the British crown and also as signatory of pre Confederation treaties as Metis .

When we talk about Metis it seem there is a denial about the treaties that form the foundation of la Nation Métis , cette nouvelle nation to be born before Canada but intriclally link to Canada creation as a country and the establishment of the Manitoba Red River settlements.

In the eyes of many Eastern Metis people, la Grande Paix de Montréal that took place à la pointe à Callière en 1701 is among other thing the political foundation and the recognition of la Nation Métis and all the Métis born from French and First Nations ancestors in eastern Canada. This treaty was made among all eastern and western Wabanaki First Nations to include the Six Nations and also the French. This treaty was past down to all participants to be uphold. it was a sovereign pre confederation friendship treaty which affirmed and recognized the original jurisdiction of all First Nations to live in a peaceful Confederacy on their land .

That Franco-Alliance peace lasted 55 years until the British crown with the support of the Six Nations defeated the French and destroyed that Franco-Alliance. It seems the western Métis allied with the current British crown seem to continue destroy on the government of Canada approval the Eastern Métis who still speak the michif language as a similar pattern of what the Orangist did at Batoche during the Riel Government resistance.

The Canadian British Crown failed to upheld that treaty who was one of the most important and legal agreement made among sovereign Nations and to continue to recognized this new Nation to be born, la Nation Métis , created as a result of la Grande Paix de Montreal en 1701. Many Metis and Metis family clans were born before and after this Great Peace and they never moved away from Eastern Canada. This is why many indigenous people are still claiming this Metis identity in Eastern Canada.

Today the tension still exist among Metis at the political level because Eastern Métis are denied recognition as part of la Nation Métis by the Western Métis National Council who claim to represent an English Métis Nation with a Mètis national anthem written and sang in English only. The current President of this Council claimed in English " there is no Métis in the province of Québec ". Louis Riel that funded l'Union Nationale Metis in Manitoba must be turning in is grave .

Considering the long lasting history of the Métis people and their family clans in Eastern Canada has always been allied with First Nations, the French and later with the British Crown, and the fact that what was once INAC is now called ,Crown Indigenous Relation and Northern Affairs, I reach out to the Minister of this department to ask when they will be establishing their historic relationship with the Eastern Métis, the one that never assimilated to the English language and still spoke their Métis language .

The currrent Métis must thank their Métis and French ancestors and the one still preserving the French and Metis language in the province of Québec and elsewhere in Canada regardeless of the beginning of the 19th century Canadian Orangist government action to close all french schools and to ban the teaching of french and Michif Language outside of Québec .

Under colonial view la Nation Métis au Québec perceived the Metis National Council as not being linguistically and culturally representative of La Nation Métis au Canada even if the Canadian government perceived this Council as a form of self-governement but in fact is only a form of self-administration not a form of self government. A government and its leaders must be elected by all the Metis citizens, not a handful of 55 western provincial delegates like a typical political party of a Corporate organisation.

Now I am asking when Canada will stop to continue support this division among eastern and western Métis in Canada and make a statement on how Canada will and could repair the damaged relationship caused by the Metis National Council leaderships and the actual Canadian Crown toward the Eastern Métis. It almost looks like an anti french Michif spoken sentiment, a sort of punishment for speaking the original french Michif .

Under the reconciliation process the First Nations, the French and the British Crowns must recognized that when treaty were made among themselves, peaceful process nurtured matrimonial allianced resulting in Métis to be born and being a direct product of these treaties. We could call now all these off springs of these unions as living treaties, like written parchments sealed in ADN . Therefore the Métis should fall under the protection of these pre and post confederation treaties by association, even so if Métis do not have original jurisdiction of the land.

Metis must recognized and respect the sole original jurisdiction of the land by the First Nations and totally abstain from making land claims. Metis must be allowed to only negotiate occupational arrangements with them, for the Métis who wished to practice traditional occupational activities or any other benefits of treaty obligations and implementation.

Since the office of the Crown -Indigenous Relations apparently does not want to interfere with Metis Nation Issues but at the same time showing by their attitude a strong support to the Metis National Council claiming there are no Métis in the province of Quebec, I wonder if Minister Bennett will accept discussing anything with Métis in my provinces, because most of its government officials are claiming the Metis ideologies are to fractured and supporting theMetis National Council claim that all Metis must come only from the Red River Settlement following the Metis Rebellion.

Well will see what happen when la Nation Métis au Québec makes its move for reconciliation with the provincial Métis Nations members of the Métis National Council . So far the answer provided by the Metis National Council leaderships is negative.

As for the Canadian Government, I expect more understanding for reconciliation from them since they officially recognize publicly La Nation Métis au Québec in 2012.

It is getting more obvious that the refusal of recognition of the MAnitoba Métis and Eastern Métis by the Western Métis leadership to be part of la Nation Métis is created by a linguistic and cultural identity crisis and paralysis and amnesia caused by year of Western Métis assimilation to the English language and English colonial perception. Unfortunatly as long as they will not redress their attitude toward the Métis Culture and the french base of the Métis language and the Métis culture, the Metis western culture will become a generic culture of fluff and fiddle.

The Métis control of Métis éducation and philosophy according to Metis traditional teachings transmitted by our Metis Elders can never be done in the English language . The Métis linguistic and cultural revolution is going on all across Canada in order to redress la Nation Métis authenticity. It is the responsibility to all Métis to join in regardless of this recognition by some leaders of the Metis National Council who claim to represent la Nation Métis in Canada.

La Nation Métis m'appartient comme elle leur appartient et c'est pourquoi les Métis nationalistes se sont organisés en Nation Métis au Québec en 1989 et l'ont affirmé haut et fort devant la Commission Royale sur les Peuples Autochtones en 1993.

That is how I see my my eastern Metis rights to reconciliation be addressed.


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