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When we reach that level of respecting natural laws and fully recognizing the danger of technical singularity, Scientists will start to understand the natural singularity of the wampum belts and their relation to cosmology knowledge. Technical singularity control the technical intelligence with no emotion, favouritism or nepotism putting human kind at high risk . It is already happening and lets hope this process will not end to create a destructive electro magnetic pulse from the sun that will destroy life on the earth .

Human kind is loosing control as its intelligence is being surpassed by artificial intelligence of the computers technology. Both brains work with electrical energy . One being natural the other being robotic at the mercy of machine producing artificial electricity.

Wampum belts are natural singularities that help keep technological balance . But to achieve that balance, first human kind have to break away from artificial intelligence and return to the source of life energy in harmony with nature and all living things on the earth and the universe.

And just think people are more concern on ownership of the Wampums belts then to learn about their scientific and technological knowledge that they could provide to help guide mankind to save the planet and themselves .

Natural laws are derived from the concept that the entire universe is governed by cosmic laws on which human conduct should be based, and which can be deduced through scientific reasoning and the moral sense of what is right or wrong for survival of all living things animate and inanimate .

Most religions are interpretations of what natural law is, however this has caused much chaos throughout the world and creates great irony.

A set of rules inherent in human behaviour and human reasoning that governs human conduct. Natural law is preexisting and is not created in courts by judges. Philosophers and theologians throughout history have differed in their interpretations of natural law, but in theory, natural law should be the same throughout time ( billions of years )and across the world because it is based on human nature, not on man made culture or customs.

Natural laws are not like laws in our society. Societal laws define conduct between human beings and are determined through governing bodies. Natural laws, on the other hand, are determined by fundamental forces within nature for its procreation, preservation and continuation .

Natural laws arise from the process known as the scientific method. The scientific method is the systematic study of the natural world through experimentation and observation. This method provides scientists with a rigorous framework to objectively study the natural world. Using the scientific method, natural laws can be verified through experiments conducted by independent observers.

Many different natural laws have been described over time, but all of them have a common link. In science, a law is a concise description of a natural phenomenon. The law can be a simple statement in words well as a mathematical equation.


How this description in definitions does relate and apply to what you experienced in a simple way at the star lodge ? Order , pattern , ancient geometry, numerology, structure , natural energy , vibration , colour, scent , space , time  location, energy field , light energy, spirit or people front other dimension and Creator ? Not to forget chemical composition , DNA and life.   

144 basic natural laws.  So if I go back to the beginning of trying to understant natural laws would it be better first to focus on a greater understanding of Natural laws . Example mankind to procreate you must bring female and male energy together. That is a mathematical scientific equation to achieve the result of a child . But society laws will bent Natural laws to satisfied other concept of creation to define parenthood or concept of family by accepting people of same sex for example to be parents but not to be part of the process needed for the procreation of the child .  Natural laws cannot be altered as it will destroy life patterns base on chromosome and ADN chemistry composition . 

Now this is your first lesson to study and master and you will slowly be able to respond to your own question . 

Mankind is the only animal on the planet who with his superior intelligence, is not able to comply to respect Natural laws in this technological millennium even if he knows it is destroying them . Because of his societal laws that justified its conduct and his pretension to be superior to other living things on the earth,  he his capable of destroying himself and all living thing surrounding him by war against his own species.

Natural laws must also be apply and respected for the birhting of a Métis , its family , its clan and its Nation if he want to retain its authenticity as a Métis.       


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