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MessagePublié: Jeu 12 Déc 2013 14:32
par admin

I was thingking about this .... if we are not alone in this universe and we at time make contact with beings from other place and other universe and other dimension..... I was wondering if some of them came on the earth to invade us if we would be able to stop them. For them we will be all the same and they would do an invasion on all of us not some of us .

Well remember when the Europeans came on this continent, Aboriginal people were on their way and their life style . Hum interesting is in it . Basically all human being would be in the way of the invaders regardless of their colour, race, and language once again, and we would be subjected to their control and like ants we could be totally destroy with high vibration technology use by them to destroy and pulverize us into dust. Our technology would be de-suet and easily disable to force us to return to basic survival like any animal on the planet. All distant communication among us would disappeared . We would be totally isolated among each others. Like being left isolated on indian reserve . LOL . Get it

But assuming they are not spiritually advance, some spiritual people could help us have an edge on them by using our wampum belts and our ceremonies like the shaking tent for communicating at distance among ourselves like we are once and still capable , and of course among the one who maintain and use this ancient knowledge of communication with others and spirits and being of lights more positive toward us than this invaders.

If they are like us it will be a bad thing . Our evolution always been very selfish and very aggressive war type. Sharing is not our favorite approach to life as we tend to take rather than to share. We like to built fences and keep them . Oh well lets hope we will never be invaded as we will never survive.

Lesson to learn . We survived the first European invasion and chances are we could survive a second one if we listen to the Elders and we are committed to empower ourselves to our ancestral spiritual knowledge.

If we want to fight back we would have to gang together and empower ourselves to learn about spiritual science to be able to fight in asymmetric spiritual groups. Materialistic science is obviously destroy us and probably them on their planet or in fact as destroyed us and them the invaders with no chance of return.

Well, me I would go in a star lodge or in a Shake tent to protect myself and to use, to keep or to receive more spiritual scientific knowledge to survive this invasion . Would you join me or you would you use aggressive approaches with gun, atomic bomb, disseminating infection and biologic warfare.

Why not prepare now by empowering ourselves to the spiritual science of our ancient knowledge available to learn again, as a real chance to survive and to stop playing with the spiritual command buttons like children in a car playing driving without turning the real key for learning .........

It is just a taught.......................... but as human being, we just wait at the last minute to act, but of course in panic not much can be achieved, only run for your life...

Better be ready ...............