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Our Elders retain the knowledge of our cultures and our sciences, and know that everything in nature is based on a timing frequency. A timing frequency governs the growth and development of all phenomena. Timing frequencies predate and actually governed the rise of Aboriginal culture and civilization. The perfection and excellence of Aboriginal culture and education will depend on the degree to which aboriginal educators can match aboriginal education with the natural timing frequency as taught by our Elders .

Aboriginal philosophy always refers back to the fact that we are of the earth, which is governed by the moon and the sun. Since it is a star, the sun and its planetary system are elements of a dimly-remembered galactic order of which Aboriginal people are a part. Nonetheless the sun, the earth and its moons function according to a common galactic timing frequency of 13:20. The timing frequency of the earth is also 13:20.

The number 13 refers to the 13 lunations which synchronize the earth solar year. The number 20 refers to the 20 wavespells which are the galactic timing standard. A wavespell is a fractional sequence of thirteen units of kin.

All Aboriginal cultures follow the path of the 13 moons. However, it is in the 20 digits (the fingers and the toes of the human body) that the solar frequency of 20 is best remembered by Aboriginal people.

Modern science and technology is based on a 12:60 timing frequency rather than the natural 13:20 used by Aboriginal people. The end result of pursuit of 12:60 in contemporary science is the current situation of world disorder and unbalance. Do Aboriginal people want: the human population expanding beyond control; environmental pollution increasing in every direction; material needs and production increasing rapidly...creating ever-larger amounts of solid and toxic wastes; broadcasting systems filling 12:60 air waves; libraries, newsstands and computer banks without any coherency? Coincidently, all governments (including many Aboriginal ones operating in the 12:60 frequency) are becoming more tyrannical and obsolete, offering no solution to any of the problems that continue to proliferate through the pursuit of a life style that no one wants to change.

12:60 science and its way of thinking can not produce any solution to halt the mess, but it is capable of total destruction of the planet.

Aboriginal people must listen to the thoughts and teachings of the Elders. Generations ago, immigrants to North America brought us a new way of life and a new system of values...one which had already partly destroyed their living space in Europe. We were forced to abandon our 13:20 timing frequency of the natural system and introduced to the 12:60 timing frequency. In other words, the 360 degree planar geometry of the circle was substituted for the natural timing frequency of 13:20. Mathematically, the 360 degrees of the circle yield a 12:60 frequency. 360 can be divided by 60 six times, and by twelve 30 times. The natural frequency thirteen moons was replaced by the twelve month year and ultimately the 60 minute hour.

Our Elders are speaking in their own way about this...but is anyone listening? Every time they speak to us they are warning us of what is coming. They tell us that time is not a clock and a clock does not measure time. A clock is only a measuring device of a lower materialistic world which will come to an end, and perhaps sooner than we think! Are we preparing for it?

As Aboriginal people, why are we not listening to the Elders instead of helping to perpetuate the destruction of our own cultural and educational system? By enslaving ourselves to the time-clock and machines that lead to world of total entropic materialism, we enter a cycle of endless growth and proliferating problems with no solutions.

Why are we denying ourselves as Aboriginal people by disregarding in our education system our cultural timing frequency of the 13 moons and our 20 digits? What are we scared of?

As Aboriginal people, do we wish to continue as participants in a civilization of irrational numbers, chaos theory, entropy, and planned annual toxic waste? Do we want to be citizens of an artless world of hybrid plastic checkout counters, possessed of a growing sense of poverty for not having enough gadgets?

Believe it or not, as Aboriginal people we have a lot to offer mankind if only we would take the time to listen to our Elders. We need to see what our educational philosophies and our sciences really mean, and see what they can really offer. This does not mean we have to go back to living in the bush, but we must start understanding what we really have to offer and what we could use to develop our education system based on a 13:20 natural timing frequency.
When are we going to see awareness on the part of our educators to the wholistic essences of our true Aboriginal cultures, instead of concern for the control, continuation and perpetuation of the present 12:60 timing frequency system of education that is offered to us by the Canadian Government?

Everything in Aboriginal education needs to be re-thought, to be rebuilt and developed from the natural 13:20 timing frequency if we want to regain control of our cultures and our education. This will help us save ourselves as Aboriginal people, and possibly humanity as well.

Perhaps this is what is meant when our Elders said that Aboriginal education will be the education of tomorrow. The timing frequency for the real natural change in Aboriginal education is now.

If we begin to understand that the `red road` has always been a wholistic concept for Aboriginal educational synergy, then we may interpret it as a whole brain approach to Aboriginal education. Each side of our brain is dominant in different modes of thought: the left is logical, linear, verbal, abstract, sequential, and serial.

The right side is instinctive, wholistic, nonverbal, concrete, random, and spatial. Skills associated with the left hemisphere include: following directions, reading, writing, details, reciting, phonetics and listening. The right side has specialized skills such as creativity, mathematical computation, haptic awareness, music, artistic ability, colour sensitivity, and visualization.

Non-Aboriginal education systems emphasize the development of left-hemisphere activities more than the right. Consequently, this forces Aboriginal people to learn to place emphasis on books and libraries as the sources of all knowledge.

In contrast, in traditional Aboriginal culture any time a person wanted knowledge or information, he attended a ceremony and requested that information from the collective unconscious. Aboriginal people knew that any time a person wanted information, it could always be found in the collective unconscious portion of the mind.

Aboriginal people did not have books or written languages. Any time they wanted information or knowledge they asked for it in a ceremony. Ceremonies were and still are used to find cures for ailments, to interpret dreams, to find things that have been lost, and to look at your past or future in order to understand your purpose in life as revealed in your vision quest.

Aboriginal education must return to the doorway of the collective unconscious...our right hemisphere of the brain. Our brain is like a computer: it stores everything it sees and hears in its relation to the universe; the only real trick is how to recall that information. With a computer you simply key up the menu. We used to recall information through pictures, symbols, key words, and diagrams that were left to us over thousands of years. Our culture and our language existed all over the continent, but we have lost our ways of reading.

Aboriginal people have their own education system; we have our teachers to teach the ones to become teachers. These things are right there in our culture, all around us, but we cannot see it because we have been blinded by the present education system that forces us to see with our material eyes rather than with our mind. Change your timing frequency to the natural one of 13:20 and you will understand and see what the Elders are saying with words why we will be the teachers of tomorrow.
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