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The Bundles and the Wampum Belts are the heart of our renewal traditions and are the heart of all our ceremonial activities. They are not as projected and interpreted by anthropologist of political signification. They are our link to the Creator. They are our natural laws given by the Creator. In our ways, the Bundles and the Wampum Belts are the authority to exist from the Creator.

The ceremonies that come from the Bundles and the Wampum Belts are our way of recognizing and strengthening our authority and of renewing our lives. The Bundles and the Wampum Belts are the highest material expression of our culture. Through them and their ceremonials we can learn of all our values, our traditions, our social and cultural ways and how to lead healthy personal lives.

The idea of Ceremonial Bundles and Wampum Belts goes back a long, long way back to the beginning of Creation and our culture according to the stories told to us by the Elders and special ceremonial people. These where Bundles and Wampum Belts of spiritual objects and designs containing power which could be harnessed for good.

Only certain people have earned the honour of having Bundles and Wampum Belts transferred to them with the rights to open or to use them. The Bundles and the Wampum Belts reveal the power of our spiritual world through the rites of our respected Ceremonialists empower by the Creator. They are use only during our sacred ceremonies.

For the Native people the Wampum belts and the Bundles are even seen as part of the way we define our culture.First the Creator gave us the authority to exist along with the universe, with the Wampum Belts and the Bundles representing that authority and being the link between ourselves and the Creator.
Then our culture was given to us by the star people as a way to live, to learn, to relate to other people, in their real and spiritual forms, and to communicate and relate to the universe.

Due to the central importance of the Wampum Belts and the Bundles with their respective ceremonies we should direct our immediate attention on them, as they are our source of communication with the star people and the Creator. We must start questioning how they are interpreted and presently used. We must prepare to give the Wampum Belts and the Bundles to be used by the rightful ceremonialists.

Every song, dance, artifact, design, and anything else that had ceremonial meaning, could only be used or kept by the person who had the right to properly use spiritually that thing. The rights always remained with that person unless they where transferred ceremonially by a proper series of events. If someone simply obtained an object or tried to perform a particular song or dance, it didn't mean that they had the rights for that object.

People must properly received those rights with the proper ceremonies and songs that goes with the Bundles and the Wampum Belts. We must work according to the principle of proper transfer of objects and ceremonial activities to those who have obtained the rights on those things. The transfer of rights is a proper way to renew our ceremonial livelihood.

The interpretation, learning and re-culturation of the ceremonials and the transfers to our people is the key step in our renewal process. This is not a simple matter. The way people came to have objects transferred to them often took a great deal of time. It involved a very personal and typically private series of events, shared only by the individual, certain ceremonial people and perhaps some close relatives. Only the Ceremonialists knew of the proper ways to help the individual with the transfer.

Dreams and visions were important ,coming unpredictably like gifts. Through them the people learned more about the right way to move ahead. This applied to transfers and to the making of new ceremonial objects. A simple decision to just get something transferred or to craft an object was meaningless and disregarded without these other factors and messages to support the action.

All these rules for transferring rights for different ceremonial and cultural objects and ways must be fully respected in a cultural and ceremonial renewal process. They will make the things work the proper way for the people.

The Bundles and the Wampum Belts are the key to communication and the essence of the natural and spiritual scientific knowledge stated by the prophets in the prophecies of the 7 fires. No one can force this issue to happen without appropriate empowerment.
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