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A group of Algonkin People who gathered in the heart of La Verendrye park the full moon of August 2015 experienced the reality on how we can use the Wampum belts at their best that night. This had not been done we were told for almost a hundred of years in that area. This reality experience that week end was a consciousness program used with natural energy, nuclear energy, hologram, simulation, dream created by digital codes, numbers, numeric codes in the Wampum belts used for that ceremony and that define our existence and our experience . Human DNA of 64 chromosomes represented in the star wheel the participants put together that weekend also representing our genetic memory, triggers and remembers by digital codes at specific times and frequencies ( 13/20 ) as they experience. Those codes awaken their mind to the change and evolution of their consciousness to make contact with the being of lights. They became one with the universe.

The brain is an electrochemical machine (computer) with millions of holographics cells that processes through binary code ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_code )zeroes and ones that create patterns of experiences and realities. This code is demonsrated with the 2 colour beads used to string the consciousness geometric designs on the wampum belts .

The illusion of physical reality is created by the patterns of the 
Fibonacci Sequence ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number )- the Golden Spiral of Consciousness
 consisting of zeros and ones that align with the brain. This is why people saw the energy sparks glowing from the wampum belts caused by the energy grid of the geometric designs on them.

Reality is a computer generated consciousness hologram in which the characters it creates at the physical level are programmed to believe it is real.
Reality is a game of illusion, delusion, perception and deception.
Reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time.
Reality is about experience and learning.
Reality is virtual, perceived through conscious awareness.

We exist in a biogenetic experiment to experience emotion through the construct of linear time. All and everything is created by geometric design following the patterns of sacred geometry of the wampum belts , the star wheel and the star lodge. Reality appears to move in synchronized linear fashion creating the illusion of time, also known as the loops/cycles of time, wheel of karma, or the alchemy wheel.

At this particular Star lodge communication event with the support of the star wheel and natural energy , reality began with a tone of a drum and vibrating note of a song like a big bang that continues to pulsate and create with the help of drums, rattles , harmonics, soul notes and spiraling light of the Astral star wheel (consciousness) and with the Star Lodge who act as a sound chamber and which create ongoing and endless grids in which souls virtually experience travel. Grids have frequencies to which souls attach for that experience. Star beings , souls or spirit of our ancestors even the one of the participants enter one or more grids in which they experience simultaneously in multitudes colours attached to the beads of the wampum belts moving in flashes upward or downward.

Reality is never the same. Like the flow of the collective unconsciousness, it is forever in motion creating new patterns of experience. Consciousness spirals like a slinky, mirroring the movement, or evolution, of DNA. The higher your consciousness moves up the slinky, the faster the vibrational frequency - the faster you think, create, understand higher holographic archetypes of reality, and increase your manifestation in physical reality like the coming of spirit light of our ancestors in the Star Lodge like it did happen once at a shaking tent event .


Your thoughts/consciousness begin at the top of the wampum belts attached to the ceiling of the lodge like floating in time space continuum in the center of the travelling sphere of the Star lodge built for that occasion and energized by the radiation created by the vortex of the people assembled in the lodge raising their level of vibration to a point of dematerialization to travel in time space and to finally spiral down to the physical realms which are so slow moving - you forget the nature of reality and time - that which is above. Now as we approached the end of the reality experiment of this travelling event, everything moved into higher frequency until it ceased to exist from the physical, returning to light and total consciousness. The Wampum Belts then became like transparent glass and reflecting a multitude of the spectrum of all colours like done with a crystal prism.This is call the cross over of dimension into a universal parallel world.

You could feel it more so you could see it with your two eyes glowing all around you on the ground site of the ceremony and in the Star lodge as the binary grids on the wampum belts that maintain our physical connection were glowing in action. It is the same thing of what is happening in the world at this time as we are witnessing the collapse of economic, political, social, and religious systems. Natural disasters are accelerating exponentially allowing souls to understand everything is changing. We are running out of Time.

When we can view our reality in a four dimensional way like a hologram we can see that everthing that now seems to unfold before us with the passing of time already exist on the fabric of space time continuum like when looking at a hologram .When you view a hologram you do not look at it you look into it. We can see in the past present and future with one glance . This is the answer provided by the energetic archetype on the wampum belts that we can use as a cerebral microchip to help to program the doing of the Star lodge event.

We are light beings (consciousness from a creational source) having a physical experience, evolving back to our natural state. This false reality with some people constantly wanted to stick an ownership on the Wampum belts keeping them only as matter and as a sort of shrine of the past is about to end a metaphor for their return to consciousness. You can't put an exact date on it, if time is an illusion. Indigenous people around the world have always understood that reality 
is an illusion or dream from which we will awaken.


Now that more than one person experience the Star lodge consciousness ceremony with the support of the Wampum belts that happen in the La Verendrye Park on the full moon of Augusts 3o , 2015, with the opening of the cover sky above the ceremony site in due time, it means that two or more individuals agree upon the interpretation and experience of this particular event, a consensus about an event and its experience begins to be formed. This being common to this group, then it becomes the 'truth' as seen and agreed upon by all the participants.

Thus this particular group may have a certain set of agreed truths for what they have experienced, while another group who did not participate might have a different set of truths that have reached their consensus. This particular situation is happening regarding the wampum belts of the Algonkin People of La Verendrye Park at this moment creating a more divisive situation rather than unifying. Some are working in matter for possession of the belts and others in self and collective consciousness.

This lets different peoples have varied and extremely different notions of reality and truth on the use of the wampum belts. The religion and beliefs of people or communities or politics are a fine example of this level of reality. This is well expressed in the famous quote by Henry Thoreau, "It takes two to speak the truth - one to speak and another to hear." However, humans are fallible and are limited to individual experience. Truth cannot simply be considered truth if one speaks and another hears because individual bias and fallibility take away any assertion that the idea of truth, itself, exists. Therefore you must experience it as a group to be the truth.

Other views of truth assert that truth is that which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence, regardless of subjective inference. Truth can not merely be discerned by deductive reasoning but can only be more deeply understood by inductive study and skepticism.

One thing is for sure . The one who participated in this spiritual event of the Star lodge that weekend might have lost their skepticism on the use of the wampum belts and the reality of the collective conciousness the wampum belts did provided to them that weekend .

Great spiritual awakening for some Algonkin people of La Verandrye Park on the use of their wampum belts. Their teaching of our ancient knowledge of spiritual science and cosmology as now begin in contemporary time with contemporary terminology. The truth must come out about all Wampum belts if we want our spiritual science of our Wampum belts to survive colonialism interpretation and time period and of course our own colonized people ignorance.

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