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Nothing happens for a raison. Since the previous custodian of the Algonkin Nation Wampum belts passed away four years ago, I was told the person now responsible for these Wampum belts once used in ceremony among the Algonkin communities in northern Québec is carefully holding this custodian responsibility with great pride and respect for the Algonkin People.

Some people are concerned these Wampum belts would end up in the hands of foreigners to the communities of the Algonkin Nation, but I am convinced the Wampum belts will remain among them.

It seem there is great confusion among the Algonkin People on who should be the custodian of these Wampum belts and all kinds of speculation are taking place. So far the current person responsible for the Wampum belts had not decided yet who will be the final custodian or custodians of these Wampum belts.

This is why I said noting happen for a raison and why they are in her hands rather than the one of others.

Among the Algonkin people, some are concerned about the material aspect of the Wampum belts thinking by having them they will hold power and prestige. Others are concerned about the spiritual consciousness utility of the belts and how they could be used in ceremony to help heal the people and the communities of the Algonkin Nation.

Beside why are these Wampum belts have to be under the responsibility of one person? Why should they be the responsibility of the Algonkin Grand Mothers of different communities like it was in the far past.

One thing remains as a fact ? These Wampum belts have not been involved in local ceremonies in years and the last time they were in use for that purpose, the ceremony was done outside the territory of the Algonkin peoples.

This particular ceremony happen in Rhode Island at a shaking tent event in Narraganset Nation territory . The main raison of that ceremony to happen was to help the custodian of the Wampum beltsat that time to better understand the content and the role of these Wampum belts when used in ceremonies and to received instructions by the Beings of light on how the Wampum belts could be used in ceremony.

One thing is for sure. What happen at this particular ceremony was witnessed by over 50 peoples. Being a full participant of this ceremony it marked me for life.

At that particular ceremony of the Shaking tent when attended by 3 participants, one being the custodian of the Algonkin Wampum belts , the other the custodian of the universal Pipe of the Confederacy of the people connected aslo with these belts among others and one doing the Shaking tent, they all disappeared with the Tent from the surface of the earth for over 2 hours in earth time . We went to a place unknown to me, witnessing the presence of being of lights. Overwhelmed by what was happening at this particular ceremony the previous custodian of the Algonkin Wampum belts had difficulty to grasp the intensity of what was happening at this particular event or to comprehend the instruction we were receiving at that time to make contact with the being of light also the one we call our forefathers and mothers, our older brothers and sisters from the universe.

But I did as I was the one holding the wampum belts in front of him when he was kneeling in front of the Shaking tent holding the connecting pole.


Now every body is concerned of what will happen next with these Wampum belts ? Everybody is speculating on who should be the next custodian of the Wampum belts like holding an ownership certificate, but just few are concerned on how the Wampum belts could be better put to use and finally find their real spiritual purpose when in use in ceremonies in the communities of the Algonkin Nation.

Being brief about what happen at this particular shaking tent event, it seem the current custodian is concerned about their proper use rather than who will be the next custodian if custodian is needed. So far after 4 years in her possession, no one among the Algonkin people seem to have demonstrated to her what she is hoping for. I am sure she will eventually be instructed to make that decision by the Beings of light who are the real owner of the Wampum belts ancient knowledge to make that decision. MAy be she will if she attend one of these ceremony called the Star lodge where wampum belts are used.

I was sadden when I was told that most people of the Algonkin Nation more so the youth had never been exposed or seen these belts in their communities when these belts were constantly accessible to non Aboriginal people . I was one of the lucky ones who had this great opportunity to travel for years with these Wampum belts and attend and witness ceremonies with them.

Should it be now the time for the Wampum belts of the Algonkin people to stay home, to help the people to empowered themselves with the Wampum bets to help in their spiritual understanding and growth and in the healing of the Algonkin Nation.

Should the Wampum belts be accessible at all time to the Algonkin people who want to do ceremonies and to better understand their use and to received and provide ancient spiritual teachings .

Other wise they might remain material objects subjected to political interpretation and to fall in the hand of peoples that have no knowledge of their spiritual utility.

The Algonkin people, the Algonkin Nation deserve better than that. The teaching of the spiritual science of the Wampum belts depend on that decision for the future generations. All Wampum belts knowledge was given by the Being of lights to the people to be used in ceremony to make contact with them. Therefore these Wampum belts belong to the Algonkin people and they must be available to them at all time .

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