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The Wampum belts are for the Wabanaki people the heart of our renewal spiritual traditions and of all our ceremonial activities. They are not as projected and interpreted as being of political significance. They are our link to our natural laws given by the Kitche Manitou. In our ways, the Wampum belts are the authority to exist from the Kitche Manitou.

The ceremonies that come with the Wampum belts are our way of recognizing and strengthening our authority and of renewing our lives. The Wampum belts are the highest material and spiritual expression of the Wabanaki culture. Through them and their ceremonies we can learn all of our knowledge, our values, our traditions, our medicine our sciences of cosmology, our social and cultural ways and how to lead healthy personal and communal lives.

The Wampum belts go back a long, long way to the beginning of Creation, according to the stories told to us by the Elders and special ceremonial people. These Wampum belts strung with geometric designs contain power which can be harnessed for good uses. Only certain people have earned from the Kitche Manitou the honor of having Wampum belts and ceremonial Bundles transferred to them with the rights to use or open them. The Wampum belts and the ceremonial Bundles reveal the power of our spiritual world through the rites of our respected Ceremonialists empowered by the Kitche Manitou. They are used only during our spiritual ceremonies.

For the Wabanaki people, the Wampum belts and the Bundles are even seen as part of the way we define our culture. First, the Kitche Manitou gave us the authority to exist in the universe. The Wampum belts and the Bundles represent that authority and the link between us and the Kitche Manitou. Our culture was then given to us as our way to live, to learn, to relate to other people. Because of the central importance of the Wampum belts and the Bundles with their respective ceremonies we should direct our immediate attention on them, as they are our source of communication with the Kitche Manitou and the Star people.

We must start questioning how they are interpreted and presently used and sometime abused. When we are working on the repatriation of spiritual objects from museums we must prepare to place them in the hand and care of rightful Ceremonialists. Every song, dance, artifact, design, and anything else that has ceremonial meaning, should only be used or kept by the person who had the rights to those things. The rights always remained with that person unless they were transferred through the proper ceremony and by a proper series of events. If someone simply obtained an object or tried to perform a particular song or dance, it didn't mean that they had the rights to that object.

People must properly receive those rights with the proper ceremonies and songs that go with the spiritual objects. We must work according to the principle of proper transfer of objects and ceremonial activities to those who have obtained the rights to those things. The transfer of rights is a proper way to renew our ceremonial livelihood. The earning and enculturation of the ceremonies and the transfers of spiritual objects to our people is the key step in our renewal process. This is not a simple matter. It often took a great deal of time for people to have objects transferred to them. It involved a very personal and typically private series of events, shared only by the individual, certain ceremonial people and perhaps some close relatives. Only the Ceremonialists knew of the proper ways to help the individual with the transfer.

Dreams and visions were important, coming unpredictably like gifts. Through them the people learned more about the right way to move ahead. This applied to transfers and to the making of new ceremonial objects. A simple decision to just get something transferred, or to craft an object, was meaningless and disregarded without these other factors and messages to support the action. All these rules for transferring rights for different ceremonial and cultural objects and ways must be fully respected in a cultural and ceremonial renewal process. They will make the things work the proper way for the people and keep our spirituality a thing of the present.

The Bundles and the Wampum belts are the key to communication with the Life Force, and the essence of the natural and spiritual scientific knowledge stated by the prophets through the prophecies of the Seven Fires. In order for the little boy to lead the way to were the Bundles of spiritual objects are hidden in the hollow iron tree, we must first empower the people to the knowledge and the uses of the Bundles.


˜Before Canada and the United states were established; "La Grande Paix" a treaty of Great Peace took place in Montreal on August 4, 1701 to join together all the Wabanaki Nations, the Iroquois and the French into one Wabanaki Confederacy. It was hope the British would join later. Contrary to popular belief, this treaty would never had been completed, without the participation of Kondiaronk, a great Sachem, prophet, spiritual man, diplomat and a political genius from the Petun Nation located in Michillimakinac.

Kondiaronk, a visionary, knew that this Great Peace would favor the survival of his people faced by the harsh realities of wars and diseases brought by the Europeans. As a prophet, Kondiaronk knew that this Great Peace would become in later centuries one of the symbols of the Seven Fires prophecy which foretold the coming together of people from many different Nations from other continents to live permanently on the land that saw him getting born and saw him die.

The Great Peace was to become the pattern, the way we would have to live and share together on this continent. In the same spirit of this treaty, the Great Peace of 1701 was for the Wabanaki people an alliance, a spiritual Confederacy of universal relatives, brothers and sisters. In the Native tradition, the goal of matrimonial exchanges was to join in spirit and in blood with all your allied communities. As it always been in the past, the spiritual and physical hybridization process created by these marriages became the most irreversible link for any Peace and survival in North America.

Unfortunately today First Nations are so colonized that they no longer hold to this tradition. They are the only Nations left in the world that recognized their own membership with blood quantum by applying a foreign law called the Indian Act. This foreign law also limits their original jurisdiction to who they are as Nations of people. This bring the First Nations of Canada to practice open racism, dividing their own families and contradicting the most beautiful teachings of their Elders according to the prophecy of the Seven Fires. Today, yesterday and as far back as pre-Columbian times, the product of these marriages are the Bemdenyiik, the Métis of the Wabanaki people. The so called pure Wabanaki, who intermarried with the first French or English colonists or with their male of female prisoners, already had a considerable amount of Celtic and Gothic spirit and blood in them.

Antony Good Boy Tomer, son of Catherine Tomer from Fredericton, New Brunswick, once stated that he was a direct descendant of the Bemdenyiik, The Métis of America. Catherine Tomer's mother her mother had told her that the last Bemdenyiiks to live as a tribe lived at Fort Kent Maine, and Viger Quebec. They were considered part of the Maliseet tribe, but lived slightly apart from the others, because of their white skin and blue eyes.

In other words, Kondiaronk the prophet with his knowledge of the Wampum belts, already knew about this process of lasting peace, from way before. He knew that the Wabanaki people were products of the spiritual and physical hybridization process from its pre-Columbian inception. This was the true basis for the old traditions of the blue-eyed Wabanaki.

The Métis are the creation of the Kitche Manitou, the spiritual writing, living parchments of this Great Peace, carefully prepared by Kondiaronk to pave the road to fulfill the prophecy of the Seven Fires as told by Seven Prophets. The Métis are the children of that prophecy as told and seen by the Fourth Prophet. The Métis are living physical and spiritual treaties sealed in DNA. The Métis are what they are, and do not hold any one particular colour of the medicine wheel which purport to identify the so called only 4 colours of people on the earth. This medicine wheel is considered by many Métis on the earth as a racist device promoting ethnocentric teachings.

Just imagine the psychological impact of this ethnocentric teaching will have on beautiful Métis children who are listening from First Nation Elders that they are not good enough to keep the door of one of the cardinal direction. The Métis hold more than these 4 colours, they hold all the colours of the universe. They must therefore be inside, at the centre of that medicine wheel.

The Métis are what they are, not Wannabes, but beautiful, proud and spiritually independent people helping bringing all the people together. Are your children Métis? Then you have no right to impose a maternal or paternal unilateral identity to a Métis child as he owes respect to both of his parents, all his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. You cannot impose on a Métis child an identity contrary to how he was created by the Kitche Manitou. He must achieve his task in life proudly, because he is this spiritual and physical link of all the races on the earth and the universe to maintain peace.

The Prophecy of the Seven Fires speaks also of a mighty Confederacy of people, the creation of a mighty Nation where all the people will live in true Peace and harmony. The Confederacy is a concept that was provided to the Wabanaki people by the Kitche Manitou, the Life Force, as a political tool to keep peace and unity between people and the Nations, and to give an equal voice to all people, in order to avoid conflict and wars.

The Wabanaki people would not gather and assembly or council, of their clans, their tribes, their Nations, their Confederacies or with their allies unless a calumet of tobacco is lit to make sure that the heart and the spirits of all people present were true and did not change.

In commemoration of such event, many Wampum belts were presented to all the participants. One particular Wampum belt was an old one made before the coming of the Europeans. It had a cooper heart in the centre and was brought by a Delaware Chief. That belt was seen and acknowledged by great Chiefs and leaders such as Kondiaronk, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Cadillac, George Washington and William Penn. It was last seen in 1841 by every Wabanaki Nation in the north and the east of North America.

photo of wooden heart, writing around it

In presenting that particular belt at a Grand Council of the Wabanaki Confederacy, the Delaware Chief would always hold it out and ask if any one could detect any change in the heart, whereupon it would be passed from one Chief to another and from one Brave to another, and returned. Each Chief would respond that the heart had remained unchangeable and true, although the sinews that held the Wampum beads may have become rotted with age, and had to be replaced with new ones. A Wampum bead may have fallen off and thereby a figure in it has been changed, yet the heart was always just the same. After exhorting for a time on the subject, they would renew their bonds of friendship, exchange gifts, smoke the pipe of peace and depart.

During that treaty of peace, the French gave Kondiaronk a chest of Wampum chest to stored the Wampum belts that were exchanged on this occasion in 1701. The chest of Wampum was always there when the Grand Council of the Wabanaki Confederacy gathered. Wampum belt were always rolled up between deer hides and stored in small cylindrical birch bark boxes. At these occasions, the participants studied their meaning and made ceremonies to renew their spiritual covenant with the Creator.

On such occasions, they could sit in a special lodge around the chest of Wampum, which has the date 1701 carved on the front panel, along with two double rainbows. They would take out the Strings and the Wampum belts one after the other, handing them to every person present. The Elders would then speak, to help the people understand their meaning, and their uses in the ceremony performed on a starry night. The Elders would always bring the young people. so that they would become acquainted with the ceremonies and the Wampum belts, and to transmit the knowledge for posterity.


˜Einstein once said that there is no such a thing as space and time; there is only space-time. Space-time is a continuum. If you draw a cube, identified by its width, height, and depth, your mind can start to see a three-dimensional figure called a hologram. Anyone looking at it would establish a fourth dimension.

In order to understand how the Wampum belts works, you must see them as a hologram. You must shift your attention with a vibrational resonance of another reality with your own reality. For a moment your attention will be shifted. It is like using a camera to focus on the background for a long time and then suddenly pulling the focus in, to see the foreground.The visual information frozen in the hologram by captured interfering light vibrations as seen with the help of a prism is strongly dependent on the observer. By changing the direction of the reference light beam shining through it and the vibration frequency, the information perceived could be altered. By moving the reference light beam around the hologram, different flashes of information in the form of geometric designs or pictures are
perceived. By changing the frequency, the images change shape and size. This is why certain songs induce visions of geometric designs and provide a crossover into the visual field.

If you could view yourself seeing that three dimensional figure, you could establish a fifth dimension. This is called astral travelling. This is also how a person's spirit is able to leave the body to travel in the spirit world, and in the collective unconscious. If you can view your reality in a four dimensional way, you will see that everything that now seems to unfold before you with the passing of time, already exists as it were in space-time. You would see all, the past, the present, and the future with one glance.

If you can transcend yourself into a fifth dimension you would be able to see everything and go into the spirit world at will and return. We can make contact with the spirit world and the Star people with our knowledge of our seven ceremonies. It is most interesting that this is what the geometric structure of the designs on the Wampum belts are giving us as answers. The question is how do we do make contact with the collective unconscious?

It is felt that each cell function of the brain is a hologram, and we have billions of them in our brain. A hologram is a projection of an image in mid air without the aid of a screen. This projected image is done with mirrors, and has a three dimensional effect. A person can walk completely around it without disturbing it and can see all sides. The human brain is the only organ that can see itself seeing itself.

We use holography in our ceremonies when we enter the Sweat Lodge, the Kiva or the Star lodge. Anyone will tell you that when you enter a Sweat lodge, you are no longer a two legged person; you are now one with the spirit world and the universe. We are all related. This means that we are capable of crossing over and looking out to where we the viewer would normally be.

Are you now ready to have an holographic experience? Are you ready to experience the old visual science known by the Wabanaki people, long before the creation of computers, television and special virtual reality effects and modern holography? It is a science so old and so new, that it will force modern man to reevaluate his visual traditions in order to understand it. First you don't look at a hologram you look into it. Don't look at a Wampum belt but look into it. A hologram can be viewed inside out and backwards. Seeing something back to front is called pseudoscopic. Ready, set, go!

Look at the cube in front of you for a while. Now look at the one with the little figure which is you. Imagine yourself inside the little figure, looking at the shading of the wall inside the cube. You will have the sensation that you are looking from down to up the shaded wall, from the lower right to upper left. Notice that it feels like being inside the cube, or at the door of the cube.

Imagine yourself outside the little figure, looking at the little figure (yourself) through the back of the shaded wall of the cube. You will have the sensation of looking through the front of the cube up and down were you are. From upper left to lower right. Notice the feeling of your spirit being outside de cube now looking at yourself.

Now can you see the cube floating like an hologram. Practice until it is easy for you to go from inside out. Notice how the lens of your eyes change when your are altering the adjustment of your eye's lens from looking from the outside to looking from inside.

Do you see the side walls, the floor and the top as being almost diamonds shaped, and the front and the back remaining as perfect squares?

Notice the funny little feeling you have when this is happening. Notice how the intensity of the light changes. Try it in daylight. Try it in moonlight or dim light.

Don't look at the Wampum belts before you have mastered these exercises.


The basic oneness of the universe is not only the central characteristic of the mystical experience. It is also one of the most important revelations of modern physics, the super string theory. If we are all related to each others, then everything in the universe is related. This is the experience of the holographic geometric designs on the Wampum belts seen from the inside out and seen from the outside in. Let’s find out how we are all related.

There are an unlimited amount of galaxies in our universe. Elders are telling us that there is life from other parts of the universe and a place called Gold city, were Star people comes from. We are told that we come from seven stars. Interesting isn't it. Wabanaki physics consisted of all the experiences in consciousness that resulted from seeing the universe as a gigantic hologram. By extending this knowledge system, it was possible to reconnect with the whole universe, to become one with everything and to understand it.

The Wabanaki knowledge of physics recognized that we can enter into physical parallel worlds. We do not believe that it exist only one world, even one universe, when in fact we exist in a infinite number of them all the time. These worlds are constantly interacting, coming together and flying apart in dimensions we cannot experience every time anyone make a single observation. It is just the action of shifting conscientiousness that causes one to decide or to think that one is in one universe or another. The universes or Worlds all overlap and form a hologram. Shifting from one world to another is just changing a view point in the hologram.

Now that you have mastered the pseudoscopic technique with the cube on the previous and that you understand what a hologram is, take a good look at the geometric designs on the Wampum belts. They are receivers and senders of an energy that is so fine that mankind's technological instruments have yet to discover it. This is the primary function of the Wampum belts. The energy is of a spiritual nature, from the universal knowledge.

Notice how some look like little pyramids to help you tune into a progressively higher form of vibration. They are also are protecting certain records of the beginnings of life in the universe, like the natural laws and the genetic code which demonstrate that everything in the universe is related. They are capable of demonstrating phenomena which people would find fantastical today. They contain knowledge, a prophetic picture of the time before and after their creation and much more.

Now use the triangular prism to look at the Wampum belt on this page and all the ones available in this book. Place the prism in front of your eyes, resting on the bridge of your nose and look through the upper part of the triangle. Keep a distance of about two feet from the belts. Look at the belt lengthwise, and you will see the most beautiful colours raising from the Wampum belts. Notice the importance of the order on the belts. Notice how the beam of light divides the belt into two identical parts. Play with the prism, roll it slowly and see how each single white beads glow, like transparent neon colours. Do you see the belt changing dimension, stretching, raising or becoming multi dimensional? Do you see it becoming holographic, with all the different colours now blending together in many long strings?

Do you see the hologram better now? When you look at the Wampum belts with your eyes you see the belt in two highly contrasting colours, black and white. Your spirit eye, your third eye sees it in colours. Again, don't look at it, look into it.

Always remember the Star people, beings of light, can be contacted as they are our older brothers and sisters, our teachers. It is time to look at Wampum belts in the spiritual and scientific way, as coming from other dimensions. We must treat them in a wholistic way. We can no longer rely on the interpretations written in old books by anthropologist, or try to make them something of pure imagination. The Wampum belts are what they are and
nothing else. They must be treated with respect.


˜(Place on one page the eigh_
˜_t pointed star drawing to be cut and an
explanation of the tetradredon from 8 to 64.)


Look carefully at this belt. Notice that the centre line that crosses the nine diamonds is broken, by being higher almost at the centre. Think holographically and you will start noticing that the whole design is no longer a flat surface. It is taking the shape of many little rooms, little boxes just like the cube, sort of like four-sided holographic tube. Notice all of a sudden that you are seeing the belt from a distance, and that you are now above the belt at an angle.

Can you see the little rectangular boxes, like little rooms with side walls, a back wall and a floor; but no ceiling and no front wall? Put your finger in the box, where the line is broken. Count the boxes on one side and the boxes on the other side. Yes, three on one side and four on the other, plus the one that you have your finger in. This makes eight boxes.

Now try to enter the boxes from the left, and from the right.

Now try to enter from the top, and from the bottom. You are now in front of the entrance door of the Milky Way to reach the seven stars of the Pleiades.

You now have the key to open the door to go there and to meet your teachers through thought projection, until the time comes when you will meet them physically, in the flesh.

These teachers live on the eighth planet within the constellation of the Pleiades. It only takes them seven hours in earth time to reach the planet Earth. The Pleiades are five hundred light years away. If they travelled at the speed of light, it would take them five hundred years. Yet they get here in seven hours. From the data provided on the Wampum belts they cross and travel in another dimension with the knowledge of dematerialization and re-materialization as being of pure spirit.

Who would imagine that our Wampum belts are the answer key to this enigma, providing the records of where men went, and how they went there and returned. However, it is not the time to discuss the origins of man at this point. But they could be our older brothers and sisters from the stars.

We asked at one of the Shake Tent ceremony if we are the only intelligent life in the universe. We were told that we aren’t. We then asked how many others there are. The tent replied that there about one hundred and seven civilizations like ours, and they are thousand of years in advance of us.


If the Wampum belts are not being used the proper way today, it is because of the present phase in the development of the human race. There are certain phenomena today which can no longer be achieved, because of the spiritual blindness of the people. The Wampum belts were once used to alter the sense of time in the human thought process. Through the help of the Kitche Manitou, the Life force, this secret was given to us from other galactic people that our people called the Star People. We were able to receive devices such as Wampum belts, to help us extract information from the universal bank located through our subconscious mind to provide us information and record of the past, and also a view of the most probable future events.

The Wabanaki people who came to Calumet Island from all the directions of the Wabanaki territory to attend the Star Lodge ceremony, witnessed what the Wampum belts are and how they are used. The lodge was run by three people, a triad of people who created a universal hologram to reach the holographic dimension of the universe. This was an historic moment, as the last of these ceremonies took place hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

With the presence of the Wampum belts in the lodge and the proper ceremony, it was possible to attain a higher plane and as a result, we were all able, to obtain freely an endless amount of natural electrical and atomic energy. With the help of our friends who we made contact with, the Star people, we generated a localized gravitation field. This can also be used for all kinds of purposes like lifting objects, levitation or to flying through the universe by crossing into another dimension to meet the people of the Wampum belts.

The Wampum belts teach us about layers, so to speak, of our Mother Earth and the Universe. These other layers, or planes are populated by Beings and life forms which most people would find strange. Our legends and old tales tell about the little people, the Sasquatch and of course galactic cosmonauts which come from these other planes.

Although the many dimensions or planes of the earth are generally separated from each other, there are certain locations where these different planes intersect. When Beings, with the right vibration quality, move through these special junction points at the right times, it is sometimes possible for them and us to slip through to another plane and to be able to return. Unfortunately, it is almost impossibility for most of mankind to reach that level in their present state of hardened or densified materiality. This is what happens when we do certain ceremonies. Of course, many of us do know how to make contact, go and return. Consider visions and dreams as if being projected on a big screen in front of you? Does this mean something to you?

Yes at the gathering at Calumet Island, we went to the other side of the sun, travelling through the Milky Way meet our friends who give us the knowledge of the Wampum belts. They were beautiful people, with long blond white hair and blue eyes, glowing with a transparent green light and all the colours of the rainbow. They wore straps on their chests. They were very friendly, smiling at us all the time. But what was that planet we went to, with beautiful bright transparent glass building radiating transparent rainbow colours and gold?


Everything in the universe is related. The Wampum belts are the records provided for us by some Beings of Lights to understand all of these things. Why three little men and a cross? The cross is of course the cross seen in the Milky Way, the antenna to connect which connect us to the Star people who travel in another dimension. The three Beings represent the trilogy of the tree dimension which crosses over to our world or to go to theirs; materialization, dematerialization and re-materialization in another dimension to meet the world of the Little People, the Star People. This belt also tells us about an old prophecy, a message from the Beings of Light.

Right now, you people of the earth are at the end of the third age. You are now moving into the fourth age. To complete the full circle to the centre of the universe, you people of the earth will go through ten ages. Soon you will join your materialistic and spiritual thinking together, in order to save the life of your world and your planet. The misused and misunderstanding symbol of the cross will return to the symbol of the circle, the spiritual centre of the universe.

Some form of knowledge will soon be given by three Beings, three Purifiers who will bring a human being with a password explanation of all spirituals objects. Proof will be given that all beliefs and all religions in all the directions on your planet, comes from the same source of knowledge, and a recognition that will prove that all people of the universe and all humans are brothers and sisters. In the world of the Star people, we are not divided into races or identified by colours or languages. Our peoples are one, and hold only one language with the use of their mind.

This password message will be given by us, the Beings of Light coming from a Star in the universe. We are watching your planet every day to see how far you are going with the destruction of life on your planet. Humans are lost in their racial and national ethnocentrism. Humans have lost their knowledge to keep in balance. Humans are in trouble because a huge electro magnetic storm is brewing on the earth, resulting from the negative technology humans have created. Many human will dies as a result of constant deterioration of the earth.

Hybridization, or "Metissage" between the races on the earth or crossbreed with other species of the universe or the cosmos, will saved humans from being eradicated. This is also part of the prophecy of the Seven Fires that was given to the Wabanaki people and to others. As we did before, we will give your people a last chance to purify your actions. Unfortunately only a few will hold the instructions that they have received from us, to be protected and to survive the purification event.

We are now at the end of the third age. Very soon, lightning will strike your planet with such violence that the great waters will cover your planet again. Your planet will shake itself for its own healing, and for the protection of its spiritual centre, so it can retain life again. Then a sort of insect similar to locusts or some sort of ants will crawl everywhere and inhabit the surface of your planet. They will have no mercy for the ones who did not held our instructions. They will eventually become the protectors of the one that held the instructions.

Then the fourth age will begin and your planet will become new again as it was in the beginning. The vegetation will grow again, wild game and fish will reappear and you will have an abundance of food for all. Those who will be protected and saved themselves from destruction will share everything equally. There will be no more races of people as they will intermarry and will communicate in only one language which needs no words. A natural way of life will be set up again.

This is the true essence of the prophecy of the Seven Fire, to light the Eight Fire with no more ethnocentric and egocentric racial messages. You must be prepared, and you will find your answer in the knowledge of the geometric designs of the Wampum belts, our spiritual and universal writing. Long ago, all the people of the world once held the knowledge on how to contact us. Many Native people in North America never did forget that the true value of life and happiness is in the respect of all living things, in harmony with the Spiritual Centre. This is why we have been keeping contact with some of the Native people.

Most of the Wampum belts were strung from spiritual knowledge. They have been lately strung for political purposes and used like paper parchments. They hold no spiritual knowledge or information and cannot be used to contact us. Others have been turned off, because they are used for personal and national materialistic greed and power, the same thing that is presently destroying all the people on your planet. It will not be easy, because the Wampum belts are kept away from the ones who can hold the Wampum belts ceremonies with the spiritual songs. Those people, those Nations are scared that the Wampum belts will be taken away from them at these ceremonies by us the Being of lights from the universe.

We want to help you save some of your people of your planet. Once before, mankind had gone too far away from nature and the Life Force plan of life. Mankind has once again become corrupted and has invented things to destroy himself and all living things. We want you to prepare for cataclysmic events which lie ahead. We are gearing up to help the few who will remain on the earth after the time of the great cleansing. Fortunately, some of you will hold on to the plan of life. Through their faith, understanding and courage, a few people will always be able to survive.

Go and seek those people who know how to contact us, by using the Wampum belts properly with the right ceremonies. Soon, some of your people will be given some knowledge and will string new Wampum belts to help you reach us, and to help your people understand and survive. You will soon know how to recognize these people. The Wampum belts will help you understand scientifically your extraterrestrial ancestors, who have since been raised in vibration, consciousness and energy. If these Beings would materialize in order to directly affect humankind's immediate physical crisis situation, they would risk trapping themselves in the Earth's vibration, and not being able to return.

We must not forget that our primitive ancestors of modern man regarded these strangers from the sky as Gods, because to them, anyone arriving from the heavens could only be divine. They created us in their image in their laboratories, utilizing Deoxyribo nucleic Acid, or DNA, in the same manner our contemporary Earth scientists are at the point of creating synthetic man or clone.


Look carefully at this belt beside this text. See the white beam of light going through the hologram. Do you have a feeling the belts is becoming a square tube, and you are looking into it. Look at the diamonds on the bottom becoming little holographic boxes like packages of cigarettes. Notice that the centre triangle is just a square frame hologram. You are now seeing a perfect balance between the collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness of the brain, in balance with the universal forces. Four levels above and four levels under. Look at the dotted diamond becoming a full box, and dividing itself into different transparent layers, just like a filter.

Through creative thinking man acquired knowledge, wisdom and a sense of unlimited strength which frees him from the limitations of convention and dogma. Creative thinking is right brain thinking. Modern man is left brain dominant.

We are approaching the beginning of a new age, and mankind is out of balance again. This is why we are asking our older brothers and sisters from the Pleiades to come to help us now. We are asking you the people from the Stars, Beings of light to come back on Mother Earth to restore the balance in our brain hemisphere, before we humans once again destroy almost all the living things on this planet.

We the terrestrial are not capable of changing mass consciousness as we are an insane society rushing once again to our own destruction through the misuse of modern technology. Not only are we exterminating each other, but we are now bent on destroying all forms of life, as well as the critical life support systems on Mother Earth. You came once before and left us with a science to keep us in balance and in harmony with nature, and all living things. Although we held onto this science as long as we could, we are no longer in control of our way of life on this land, and are now incapable of protecting it, as we were asked to.

We recognize the science and the technology which you provided us through our spiritual objects, our spiritual ceremonies, our spiritual pipes and the spiritual Wampum belts to maintain balance on mother earth and keep in contact with you always and we thank you for that.

Who you have chosen and who know how to recognize this science are ready to make contact with you again. It is almost the time again to come and help your younger brothers and sisters on Mother Earth to restore the brotherhood of people for all sexes. Help us to maintain once again the hemispheric balance between our collective consciousness and our collective unconsciousness in respect of all living things on mother earth.


Place a drawing of a shaking tent in the centre built paragraph text around it to cover only one page reduce print size to 9 point if needed

The holy ground recall their own
To Isle du Grand Calumet
The sacred fire burn
Attracting wise men from afar
To share their secrets
With all who went to learn
The leafy alder and cedar are gathered
Intertwine to form a shelter. To attract the spirits from outer spaces
Cleansing the minds and bodies
In preparation for the Holiest ceremony of all, The Shaking Tent.

The little groups of spectators
Stand in awe
As one by one the birch poles
Are trimmed and placed in their little holes
The sacred rocks are smudged
Blessing them for use in the ceremony
The jingle bells are fastened to the pole tops
And the 3 rings of birch
Are encased in canvas
Covered with sacred cloths
All is ready for the mystical event
At last the medicine man
Enters the sacred tent
The rain clouds separate
Displaying the stars in all their glory
Shooting stars, meteors, lighting, and
Wandering Spirit Stars
Light up the sky
One by one the seekers
Ask the spirits in the Tent
To reveal their secrets
What is my native name?
What is my colour?
What direction should I follow?
The Tent shakes and jingles
Sparks shoot out
And the Tent glows brightly
Spirals of light swirl wildly
Then the message comes
In a blanket of comforting warmth
As each holds onto the sacred stones
One by one the messages are given
One by one the seekers are satisfied
And finally as the last one receives his answer
The stars lose their power
Hiding under the clouds as they rush in
But in the East, the first glow of the morning sun
Shines through the trees
Like an altar to the Gods
Oh majestic skies
Oh wonder

Oh joy

This beautifully explicit poem about the Shaking Tent ceremony was written by Venetia Crawford at the first glow of the morning sun, just after a Shaking Tent ceremony was performed on Calumet Island.


There is a right time for doors to open because time has to do with the action of doing, such as opening the door for action to take place. We also rearrange our musical vibrations as we tune our forms to higher levels of our newly found songs or ways. Notice how the eastern Wabanaki songs are of a lower pitch, and how the western songs of the Cree and the Dakota are of a higher pitch. It takes time and patience to wait for the right moment at the right place, with the right players, for a special event or a special learning experience to happen. That is how a door to another dimension is opened for us, to meet other Beings of the universe.

Some of us have learned from participating to the Shake Tent, that people's negative and positive thoughts which create brainstorming discussions are part of the event. This also applies to the berth of ideas. This is what allows some of us to live the Shake Tent experience intensively, before, during and after, just as if the Star people are there listening and helping us to understand how to communicate with them.

We participated twice in a Shake Tent by the ocean. Its intensity helped us realized that this ceremony is made stronger when the Wampum belts are present and when it is performed by the salt water, near the Wampanoag territory. Beautiful events happened at a Sweat Lodge which we had in Rhode Island, just the day before we had the Shaking Tent ceremony with the presence of Wampum belts. As we prepared the physical structure of the sweat lodge, it opened the door for a meeting with two Beings of Light in two consecutive nights.

During the Sweat lodge, they crossed over into our dimension in the forest, at the proximity of where we were having the ceremony. No one saw their arrival into our dimension. As they approach us, they looked like little fluorescent lights standing up, with red and blue colours glowing on the tops and bottoms. Only ten people were allowed to see them and meet with them.

They kept a distance of approximately fifty feet from us, in an open area, just beside the Sweat Lodge we had just built for the occasion. It was a beautiful hot summer's night. The moon was full. As you approached the area were they landed, or when they were moving toward you, it was like walking into a convenience store walk-in freezer, even with the hot summer heat of the night.

One of us invited them to join us. They let us know that they were prepared to take some of us to go with them. The person who invited them to come near us regrets to this day he did not go himself. He thought they wanted to take the Wampum belts keeper who was with us, to teach him the true meaning of the belts and help him to use them properly. This is why he offered him his place. He went towards them in the open area, and walked in the direction of the edge of the forest. They placed themselves on each side of him, like little protectors, as they walked into an arch created by branches bending down on the edges of the open ground. He did not go any further, as he was afraid that he would not come back.

The night after, they came back to join us again for the Shaking Tent ceremony. One of us went to the Tent with the keeper of the Wampum belts. They made him explain the belts to the keeper. He held the belts in his hand standing up length wise and one Being of Light holding the bottom end. One was leaning against his leg and it felt very cold. He was teaching about the Wampum belts just as if he had known everything about them since the beginning of time. He asked if they would take him and the keeper up with them for a little while but an inside a voice inside told him that the keeper of the belts was to old and might not make it back. They took us anyway, but very subtly, just enough to make us understand what was happening.

We crossed over, and what a spectacle it was as our body turned etherial, almost transparent emanating beautiful colours of rainbow. We were surrounded by a white ethereal mist, creating a shield around the Shaking Tent. We could not see anything around us. Above however we could see the stars of the Milky Way and a huge spaceship from another world, and we felt that we were in another world, another galaxy. The stars seemed so close. The belts became transparent like crystal glass, and colorful like the reflection of the sun on the skin of a fish jumping out of the water. They were reflecting and glowing in all the colours of the rainbow.

As the Beings of light returned to the forest after the ceremony, we suddenly saw the flash of a brilliant light. In a second, they left the surface of this material dimension of the earth as their brilliant light flew toward the sky, to travel back to where they came from. This helped us understand and enable some of us to begin to realize the true meaning and uses of the Wampum belts.

We still do not understand why the Being of Light created a diversion plan and this most unusual scenario for the event. However we are sure that they wanted to distract the attention of the other people participating in the ceremony, who they did not wish to communicate with. These other people were participating at the ceremony but were not part of the communication event that took place with the Star people.

Were those Beings of light from the sea? Were they mermen or mermaids? Are the mermen and mermaids the original Beings sent by the Kitche Manitou, who came from outer space? When we were in their presence why did we feel just like we were crossing a wall of ice, entering a walk-in freezer, or shivering in a cold front in a 90% heat wave?

Is it because they live under the ocean where the water is extremely cold, or because they live in either another plane or planetary system? Are they the makers of the Wampum belts and the Wampum beads? Are the shell beads made by the mermaids, and then deposited on a special beach to be picked up like the sand beads? Are those belts the connecting antenna, or the road maps to helps us contact and meet these Beings of light, the Star People wherever they are in the universe?

Why are they interested in contacting so few of us, and why do we sometimes hear that some of us are abducted against our own will when some of us have offered to go on our own will?

Are The Wampum belts tunnels underneath the ocean floor, the earth, the sky or into the universe? This event provided us with the beginning of the true understanding of the Wampum belts. Why was this Shake Tent ceremony so intense by the Ocean? What would happen if the Wampum belts were brought to an ocean cave, surrounded by salted water, to be used as a sound chamber to create sound vibrations with drums and the chanting of vowel, as the sound E recognizes polarities or opposites? Would these vibrations and colours perhaps make the mermaids appear? What would happen if we heated stones and used the cave as the cover of a Sweat Lodge and we poured sea water rather than fresh water on the stone? Could this become a reversal process of going outer to inner rather than the physical process of regular sweat Lodge of inner to outer?

What does this all mean? Does this mean balance? In the special ceremony of the Shaking Tent, the phosphorus contained in the shell beads chemical structure glows brightly, just like when you put white in front of an ultra violet light, and then eventually becomes glassy and transparent like a mirror. Their physical dimensions change, their weight changes and of course, the Being of Light are visually present to watch every movement as the ceremony takes place. We must always wait to receive further instructions from the Star people.

Why are they giving us this desire to contact them and the possibility to always organize events to make this possible? Why do some of us have a passion and fascination for the Wampum belts, and almost an obsession to go with the Star people to wherever they come from? Why do they allow some of us to see them through thought projection, to meet with them, and to see them as pure spirit, not fully crossed over into our dimension? Why don't they let us see their physical appearance, and their travelling craft? Why haven't they taken some of us physically, yet? They know we are worried, that if we go, we may never come back to our physical life, children, grandchildren and friends.

Many of us want to go for a small visit, to learn from them, and come back. They know that we do not want to stay so long, to outlive our families on the earth, and return physically and alone into another century. We have earthling responsibilities and a commitment to our families to fulfill. We have children and grandchildren some not born yet, but we are ready and waiting to go on for a while.

(flying objects)

Our Wabanaki ancestors knew that we are all related, and connected to everything. Non native people called it the super strings theory. It is not a theory to us as we are capable of making it happen, and understanding it. We have known about this for thousands of years, as it was given to us by the Beings of Light from the universe. This is how we communicate with them.

We know that from vibrations comes colours, electrons, other atomic particles, and from colour comes matter. We know how to reverse that process. We also know that matter and energy are interchangeable, and ultimately blended into a single unified magnetic field. All matter and energy are linked together. Matter consists of tiny primordial lengths and loops of something like strings, and energy arises from the actions and interactions among these strings.

These super strings connect everything to everything and exist in ten dimensions. Most of them cannot be observed by normal human senses unless we use crystal prism to decompose the light into colours. We know that if we laid 10 to the 30th square of one of these super strings end to end, they are just about one centimeter long, or the equivalent of one Wampum bead on a Wampum Belt. We know about the splitting of the atom and some of our Elders can do it in special ceremonies in order to travel into the universe or to go into time, like a time machine.

A super string when vibrating in a particular way might manifest itself as an electron, a photon, a quark, or any of the other subatomic particles. In this action and interaction among strings, colliding, splitting, joining, it creates the forces from which all other forces of nature flow. Super strings are the basic energy of which our universe is made and all are connected. Our DNA carries memories of this that goes back to creation. All the formula is written in the pseudoscopic geometric designs of the Wampum belts. This knowledge is billions of years old.

The Wabanaki people also have our Albert Einsteins, our scientists. We have our formulas which some of us can use. We are connected by the air and the water and we are one with all the creation of the universe. We know about the time space continuum. Some of our Elders know these truths, so we do not need to guess about them or try to do interpretations. We also know what spiritual reading and what cerebral designs are all about.

We know about Pimiyakan, Little People, Beings of Light, Spirit people, Sasquatch, Mermaid and Mermen, sound chambers, travelling. Ceremonies are not performed by ritual activities and mysticism alone; they are performed with a strong orderly scientific knowledge of the forces of the universe. We call it life, understanding of life, our way of life.

This is what it means when some of our Elders speak and state that Native people will be the teachers of tomorrow, when the material world and the spiritual world will meet because of what is happening to the earth environment. It will be a simple question of survival.

Many people around the world know a lot about this science, but no one is asking or listening to them yet. We can communicate with Star people at will, by offering tobacco and gifts, and by lowering our vibration to a 13/20 wave length.

Government do not need to spend billions of dollars to travel into space or send micro and radio waves in the hope of making contact with other people of the universe, when they are right there beside us in another layer of the universal dimension. Wabanaki people have the scientific and spiritual knowledge to travel through space, travelling through the different layers, and different dimensions of the universe. We have been doing it for thousand of years, by using natural energy. They think their new technology is so sophisticated and so scientifically advanced, when it is not.

<put a space ship and a wampum belts>


People must learn to come to their own conclusions about the value of any given source of information by seeking within themselves for the truth. If what is offered is right for you, you will have a feeling of recognition. Take your time, open your mind, look deep inside yourself and up to the sky, and you will find out that you have all the tools that you need to reconnect and heal yourself and your community.

Go and find the Wampum belts. Ask the Elders who know how, to do the ceremonies that go with the spiritual Wampum belts. Get access to them in museums across Canada and the United states. String new one carefully for your community if you are prepared to take good care of them, to feed them spiritually as they are alive. Work with them, this resources book will help you. It must first start with you. You can then ask the Kitche Manitou that you want to meet the Star people, who travel in other dimensions or planes who can help you understand. Put your tobacco down, and do your ceremonies very simply. It will happen.

We must trust our spiritual science and learn to really share with sincerity all together, as we are running out of time. We must continue to open the door to the road of understanding that we are all related, that we are all from the Confederacy of mankind. We must continue to search for an understanding of the universal Confederacy of all living things on this earth, in other dimensions and in the universe.

The most important thing of all is to look and handle Wampum belts with great respect, not as sacred and mystical religious objects, but as living things, as the most advance spiritual and scientific tools ever to have been given to Native people by the Kitche Manitou to understand and record life in this universe. Treat them as what they are, strong spiritual and scientific tools like tools used by a surgeon, like a computer for a scientist. Caring for the Wampum belts is a big responsibility.


The most intelligent person is one who thinks twice before saying nothing.

It is sometime better to say nothing about things that we do not know or understand yet, rather than to just repeat something that we have heard or read in an old book, or to try to make an interpretation, just to have something intelligent to say. It is best to wait for a real experience, even if it takes a life time.

As Wabanaki People, our Elders told us that the Wampum belts do not belong to any one of us or to any Nation. They belong to all the people of the world. They are only on loan to us from the Kitche Manitoo, the Spirits and the Star People. At the present time most of the old original spiritual Wampum belts that have not been destroyed, rest in museums and in special vaults, to the exception with the exception of those one in the possession of a Wampum belt keeper from Maniwaki, Canada. We the Wabanaki People must empower ourselves to the knowledge and the uses of all the Wampum belts offered in this booked. Most of the illustrations came from museums, old and new publications in Canada, United States and the World.

We do not wish to provide you with an interpretation, political or other footnotes at the bottom of each of these Wampum belts illustration by using words such as "according to "or "believe to be" taken from old books written by anthropologists, who had no knowledge of the uses of the Wampum belts. We are not doing it for respect of the Wampum belts and the tremendous scientific and spiritual knowledge they hold. Rather than inducing you in errors, we prefer to let your spirit read them, and reconnect with their true meaning and understanding.

This resource book will only teach you how to read the Wampum belts. The Understanding will come with time, practice and participating in the proper ceremonies allocated to the uses of the belts.

These Wampum belts are to be used by the people, to learn more about what they truly are, apart from the political interpretations always provided by anthropologists and are now being wrongfully accepted by many Wabanaki and Six Nations people alike, because the meaning of their uses as been lost to time. This resource book will help the Wabanaki People regain respect for their spiritual and scientific knowledge of the universe contained in the writings of spiritual and scientific books, called the Wampum belts. The Wampum belts might also teach you, in an ethereal way, how to move between dimensions and to make contact with the Start people.

Now that you are finished reading all the letters, the words, the sentences and the paragraphs printed in this book, it is time to start all over again. you must now read the real book made with the Wampum belts, to really communicate and learn the universal language of telepathic communication activated by colour vibrations. You must first put your tobacco down, then read and work quietly by focusing into the hologram on the Wampum belts provided in this book, or any that you may find by yourself. We are sure that one day, many of you will be given answers by the Spirits and the Star People if you are prepared to keep your mind open and ready for the answers you might receive. Trust the spirits that will help you and guide you if you request their assistance.

It is not a question of believing or of a question of religious belief or acceptance; it is a pure and simple spiritual and scientific question of making the experience. To believe you must by necessity experience it time after time. Make yourself a favor, at least, try once in your life time. It might help you to put a little spirituality into your religious belief and to finally understand what this is all about. That is all we have to say for now, it is your turn now. We will communicate again.
˜Thank you.

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