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Well , as an indigenous person I just do not know on which foot dancing today from what I read on the internet and what is happening within the First Nations and Métis movement . I see my Grand father Wolustuk (Maliseet ) community of Viger being take over by total strangers to the original community family clans by self identified Maliseet and my Métis Nation also being taken over by Halfbreed people and people who claim and self identified as Métis because they lately found indigenous ancestry in their genealogy .

I just do not know when this colonial driven identity appropriation circus by canadian settler people will stop using my Métis heritage and my Métis culture to fill up what seem to be from their part an empty soul they seem to have lost in time as settlers or to get access to indigenous pecuniary benefits .

I read on the internet the importance all these new Métis organisations placed on religious settler colonial genealogy to attempt to demonstrate their tie to indigenous ancestry to help them justified their self identification as First Nation or as Métis . In most of these claims, none of them had live it at either a familly or community level among Métis or First nation people alike. Most of them started to identified as such in the early 2000 after the ruling of the Powley case mostly for accessing the benefit they think it will provide if they self identified as indegenous peoples, such as hunting, fishing and government taxes exemption, government jobs or contracts for indigenous by providing from a newly formed corporate organization a card supported with a colonial genealogy certificate proving their indigenous ancestry ties .

Well if my ancestors would had to demonstrate their ties to First Nations with a colonial genealogy, me and many other Métis and peoples from First Nations just might not succeed to make it as being recognized as First Nations or Métis as genealogically define . The only way I am a Métis is my direct family ties to a current First Nations and also my family cultural and family historical continuity not a colonial genealogical research to prove to me and others strangers who I am .

I am getting to the point were I feel as being a total stranger in my own Nation Métis when I see all these people claiming to be indigenous because of colonial genealogical tie to far First Nation ancestors to accredit their indegenous self identification claim based on blood quantum. Most of these people seem to not or do not want to understand that mixed ancestry with blood quantum support does not necessary makes them Indegenous. But when you see these self identified indigenous people forming and leading a multitude of newly formed Métis organizations with some using First Nation names and now dictating what is a Métis all over on the internet make me wonder on the future of First Nation and la Nation Métis alike.

You can find now all these people also filling needed position allocated to Indigenous peoples in provincial and federal government civil services and various indigenous programs operating in their different departments. I call this the self identified invasion .

Well, I did not see yet First Nation people or Métis self identifying or claiming to be Canadian because they have mixed ancestry in their family. I guess to do that we would have to prove it with colonial genealogy and to enfranchised legally according to colonial settlers laws to be recognize as such .

Some did at one time to free themselves of colonial setter rules uner the Indian Act, but now I wonder if I could only do that like all these self identified settler people claiming being now First Nation or Métis but still retain their Canadian or Québécois national identity.

Well that the end of it for me, as of today might as well now proclaiming myself a self identified Québécois although I do not know much about the Québécois culture. I guess I must start to swear, and eat beans ,wear a tuque and a red and black square plad shirt, drink beer and attend cabane a sucre and of course go the the catholic church on sunday to fulill my empty spiritual indegenous lost soul .

Well if they can start themselves indiginous organisation unde the word Métis, I gues I could start myself a self identified Québécois Nation organization, the First Canadian Settler People , The Self Identified Canadian Settler Nation . Pour le Québec j'aime le mot Métisbécois . Fini le nationalisme Métis avec une Nation Métis au Québec .

Well people I am no longer a Métis . I am now free of this Métis circus . I am now a citizen of the Self Identified Québécois Nation because I have french ancestors in my genealogy. Wait a minute I think they were acadian. Well I know I am part french settler but I cannot prove it exactly . I guess I will have to do my colonial genealogy to prove it as I am not connected to canadian settler family and community culture and history . May be it will give me some benefit and people will leave me alone and let me be . No need to decolonize myself anymore.
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