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Here are my view on Protest as solution to situation on Wabanaki territory.

We are still protesting the Canadian and Provincial governements . We protest and protest all the time . We became professional protester for the last 2 generations . We go to ceremonies, we pray, we get drunk, we get stone , to forget the pain and the little we can do to try to make changes. We act like victims all the time and eventually we give up claiming we cannot do nothing about it . Some join their forces may be to think they can also do something from the inside.

But our people can scream until they are blue in their faces or to protest after protest, things will remain the same. The government knows when you will released all your steam and frustration and run out of energy, money and interest and the cold temperature sets in, they will move in with all their force, army snipers, polices, injunctions, court orders and court procedures as they know the people are poor and have no First Nation political support and money to fight their court injunctions and personal court appearances or to fight their violent and subversive approaches toward our population.

We protest on almost anything we can put our hand on, may be to avoid doing what we must first really have to do to stop the protest and get in the real action plan to achieve result. This action reaction approach we have been following for generations must stop one day as it demonstrate how we lost control of our political institutions . It is time we change our approach and set our political empowerment priority right once for all.

This process of change comes from our original jurisdiction to the land and not from aboriginal rights given to us by the Canadian government under the Canadian constitution and only to protect Indians under the Indian act .

This original jurisdiction is empowered when our people are assembled together from all direction of our Wabanaki territory to form the only valid force for our people to be heard ,the Wabanaki Confederacy.

This Confederacy has a distinctive flag and Wampum Belts to identify this jurisdiction and to whom it comes from. This is also our original government. the only one that could be empowered by our people to deal with the Canadian government on a Nation to Nation base . This jurisdiction defines our original laws and our original governmental structures, protocols and procedures. This is where action comes from, not perpetual action / reaction by protest .

Hello any one listening ? Who can put this government in place ? Where is this government right now to protect us, the land the water , the air , the animal ? Who composed this government ? Who are in our Nations the leaders ? Who are the Clans leaders ? Who are the Grand mothers ? Who are the Elders ? .We made an attempt for the re assembly of the Wabanaki Confederacy last summer ? Where were you ?

So if we want control on our territories we must make an attempt to set up our priority right and also our commitment to our future generation . We must, as the one who want to achieve some changes among the Wabanaki peoples, offer them an alternative to the existing Band Council Governments so we can face the Canadian government on a Nation to Nation base.

Lets start identifying as of today our SAchems , our Sagamaws, our War chiefs, our family clan leaders, our grand mothers, our Elders, our citizens , all across the Wabanaki territory , the one who are willing to make an Oath of allegiance and to commit to their responsibilities as being part of this Wabanaki Confederacy governments. Lets make a public list of them to be seen. Lets go and ask them to take the responsibility of their role and ask them to meet in Confederacy . If you are already committed ,you can also offer them you will take them at this next Wabanaki Confederacy Gathering .

If we want to protest , lets protest ourselves and our own people to ask them to prepare themselves to challenge themselves to meet all together in Confederacy and form a Wabanaki Cconfederacy government . Then you will see the true change in the peoples on the Wabanaki territory.

Let make this Confederacy gathering the only gathering of importance next year for every one of us and lets put all our energy all together to demonstrate we do no longer want to protest as we want to act . We no longer want to be the victim of Canadian and First Nations leaders and businessmen irresponsibility's.

We can do it when we organize sun dance ceremonies, pow wow and St Anne the Beaupré pilgrimage. NOW lets do it once for the survival of our people our Nations and our original jurisdiction .

The Wabanaki Confederacy gathering is the ultimate political, social and spiritual ceremonies on our territories to make changes and just few people has seen that so far . All the rest translate in protest to give us a feeling we are doing something.

We can protest until we turn blue in our face but the first protest we must made is to protest ourselves for not doing our home work first to empower structure for changes.

Lets mobilize our forces this year to built our true barricade, a barricade based on our original jurisdiction that say we do not need to protest no more.

We must empowered our Wabanaki Confederacy, a tool to act.

Just imagine thousand of peoples committed to the Wabanaki Confederacy and make all together decisions as a governement. The earth would be Frakling of joy and the ancestors dancing to the drums.

I put my name on the public list as a citizen of the Wabanaki Confederacy as I already swear ought of allegiance to the Wabanaki Confederacy years ago and I commit to be attending the next Wabanaki Confederacy.

Claude Aubin, Clan leader, Metis Nation
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